Pass Defense and Playoff Wins

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    The last two games, the Cowboys' defense has held opposing QB under a 60 rating. Since 2010, this has only happened seven times, which ranks Dallas in the bottom third of the NFL in this statistic. I looked at all the league's defenses to see which ones have had the most sub-60 games during this time. Chicago and Seattle have each had 18 such games.

    I then looked at the 33 playoff games that have been played the last three seasons (11 each year), and found that 24 of these 33 games have been won by teams with defenses that rank in the top 10 in sub-60 games. 9 of the top 10 sub-60 defenses have won at least one game in the post season.

    28 of the 33 playoff games have been won by defenses that rank in the top half of the league in sub-60 games.

    There's a big drop off when you get past that halfway point, where only 5 of the 33 playoff wins are represented. Especially in the bottom 10, where Dallas has been for all of this time, where there is only one playoff win (Tebow in OT vs. Pittsburgh).

    Top 10 (24 playoff victories)

    Chi 18 (1)
    Sea 18 (2)
    GB 16 (5)
    NYJ 15 (2)
    Pit 15 (2)
    Bal 14 (6)
    SF 14 (3)
    Atl 13 (1)
    Hou 13 (2)
    StL 13

    Middle 12 (8 playoff victories)
    KC 12
    Ari 11
    Car 10
    NYG 10 (4)
    Cle 9
    Oak 9
    Ten 9
    NO 8 (1)
    NE 8 (3)
    SD 8
    TB 8

    Bottom 10 and Ties (1 playoff victory)
    Buf 7
    Dal 7
    Det 7
    Mia 7
    Den 6 (1)
    Cin 5
    Phi 5
    Jax 4
    Min 4
    Was 4
    Ind 3

    Two weeks ago, the Cowboys had just 5 sub-60 games. We're about to move into that middle tier. The more of these we can keep stacking up, the better.
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    Stafford will be a good test.
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    Awesome research, thanks for the content contribution!! Surprised about GB, they haven't been incredibly strong on defense even when they won the Super Bowl. Either way you are right, you need to be tough to pass against to win in this NfL.
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    Stop making sense.

    Stop the pass, you win in this league.....shouldn't be a secret. And we are doing this with a pass rush consisting of has-beens and wanna bes. Makes you wonder what we can be, but we are off to a good start.

    In Rod we have to trust cause this D is being held together by chicken wire.
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    Very true. But it's going to be tough to find out what we can be. Not many resources left to fix the DL going forward.
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    Well I guess I meant eventually. This season, we have to deal with what we have, and will have to make due with these guys off their couches. Next season though, with some of the injured guys as could be special.

    But your right, going forward these are our guys this season, so we have to hope they can continue decent play and the chicken wire doesn't break.
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    Even in the future. I mean we can invest a draft pick or two. But that's about it. Good point on getting some guys back though. Bass and Crawford will definitely help.

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