Pass Rush in the 4th Quarter

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Aug 22, 2005.

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    "At linebacker, you've got to use your quickness to your advantage," Ware said. "You're going against 6-7, 360-pounders who give you problems if they get their hands on you. I have to use my quickness and make them move their feet so they will get tired so you can really work your moves later in the game."

    This is a qoute from Ware, and got me thinking just a little bit.

    While we definetly would like to see pressure throughout the whole game on the QB, and no question we do, the one thing we will not be able to see in the Pre-Season is how our depth while impact Pressure on the QB in the 4th quarter.

    Just an observation.
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    Good point. That is part of the pre-season that can't be seen.

    Good depth is part of the reason why the early 90s Cowboys were so successful. The great depth on the defensive line just kept pressuring the other team. Then typically in the second half, Dallas would start blitzing more and applying more pressure. You could see the other teams getting tired.

    Dallas also wore other teams down on both sides of the ball. The offense put pressure on other teams to play catch up and rely on their passing game against Dallas' defense. That played into the defense's hands.
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    let's see we've got Glover, Ferguson, Canty, Spears, Coleman, Johnson, Ellis, Ratliffe, Carson, and maybe others who can man up the defensive line. with that kind of depth, we will be coming at them hard all day long, and few offensive line units will take that kind of abuse for more than 3 quarters...

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