Pastabelly Reports...***Saints/Giants to be played on 9/19***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Sep 5, 2005.

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    The Saints/Giants game will be played on Monday night, Sept. 19th at 7:30 P.M.

    He is also reporting that the Saints will play the rest of their home Games at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

    Pastabelly has been and will be with the Saints for the rest of the week.

    ESPN Radio
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    Who is Pastabelly? Could it be Pasquerelli (sp)? Cute nickname.
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    Saints-Giants to start before MNF on Sept. 19

    The New Orleans Saints and New York Giants will play their rescheduled Week 2 game on Monday night, Sept. 19, at Giants Stadium, league sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

    Kickoff will be 7:30 p.m. ET and will begin as an ABC national telecast before switching to regional status in the New York and New Orleans markets and also some Gulf Coast markets to accomodate the regularly scheduled Monday night game between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys at 9 p.m. ET. ESPN will pick up the remainder of the Saints-Giants telecast at that time.

    An announcement is expected later Monday, the sources said. The game between the Saints and Giants originally was scheduled for Sept. 18 at the Lousiana Superdome but was moved to the Giants' home in East Rutherford, N.J., last Friday because of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

    The New York Jets, who share the stadium with the Giants, are scheduled to play at home against Miami on Sept. 18.

    NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue said the Saints and Giants had agreed to donate part of the gate receipts from the game to the hurricane relief fund.

    The Saints, who spent the past week on the West Coast, are moving their headquarters to San Antonio for the immediate future.
    The Alamodome in San Antonio, which holds 65,000, had been considered a strong possibility for the game.

    Tagliabue indicated, however, it was best to get the game out of the area struck by Hurricane Katrina. The Alamodome and other facilities in the San Antonio area, a little more than 500 miles from New Orleans, are being used to shelter hurricane victims.

    Tagliabue said he made the decision to move the game to the Giants' home stadium after consulting with Saints owner Tom Benson and other officials.

    "There are many reasons for this decision," Tagliabue said, "including recognizing that the overwhelming priority for public and private resources in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region in the weeks ahead must be the essential needs of the public and restoration of the area's infrastructure."

    The Saints will open at Carolina on Sept. 11 before playing the Giants.

    "Our main concern is with the people of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region who have experienced the recent tragedy," Benson said. "We are attempting to carry on in these difficult times and are looking out for the best interest of our coaches, staff, players and their families. My prayers are with each of those who have been adversely impacted."

    The last game to be moved was two years ago, when wildfires in Southern California caused a game between Miami and San Diego to be moved from San Diego to Phoenix. Last season, the starting time of a game in Miami between the Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers was moved from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. to allow Hurricane Jeanne to move through south Florida.
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    One and the same.
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    Just found out that the Saints are playing the Giants on Monday sept. 19 at 6:30 central time. Article says that ABC will cover game as national telecast until Dallas game starts at 8:00, then the saints game will be broadcast regionally. So if I live in Louisiana am I gonna miss the first half of the dallas game? If anybody has any info about this let me know.
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    ummm maybe when they say regionally they mean like cbs.
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    What it means is that you'll most likely only see the 4th Quarter of the Dallas/Wash game. Sorry! :(

    I'm sure your local sportsbar will be showing both games.
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    so a team in our division is going to have 9 home games and 7 road games, and this is fair? this is the best they can come up with? I know the circumstances are as they are and I am sensitive to them but the nfl season is a short one and an imbalance the the 8-8 home-road set up should be enough of a priority that they should have done better in this regard, bad job Tagliabue
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    You can best believe, ABC is not gonna mess with one of the biggest rivalries and largest viewing audience a Cowboys v. Skins broadcast will draw. I would be completely shocked if we miss one second of this game. Why do you think it's even on Monday night? This is the game to see.
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    Nobody is going to give a rat's patootie when it comes to the Saints and Giants. The nation wants to see America's Team on MNF and wants to see highlights of The Triplets being inducted into the Ring of Honor!
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    Saw mention or rumor of this earlier this week, apparently it's official that the league wants to knock us down even more.
    The New Orleans Saints-New York Giants game will will be played as part of a nationally televised doubleheader starting at 7:30 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 19.

    The game, already moved to the Giants' home in the New Jersey Meadowlands, will begin on ABC, then be switched to ESPN at 9 p.m., when ABC goes to the regularly scheduled game between Washington and Dallas in Irving, Texas. In New York and Louisiana, as well as other parts of the Gulf Coast, ABC will continue to carry the Giants-Saints game, switching to Redskins-Cowboys when the Saints game ends.

    NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said other details, such as ticket sales, will be announced soon.

    "We appreciate the leadership of ABC and ESPN in helping us turn this particular Monday night into far more than a prime-time football doubleheader, making it part of the overall Gulf Coast relief effort," commissioner Paul Tagliabue said in a statement released by the NFL. "The New Orleans Saints know the importance of rising to help meet the Gulf Coast's extraordinary challenges, and we salute them, too."

    The NFL said fund-raising efforts for hurricane relief will be intertwined in the telecasts of both games.

    Saints coach Jim Haslett, already miffed at losing a home game, found it curious the NFL would allow this game to overlap with the already scheduled Monday nighter.

    "I really don't know why they're doing it," Haslett said, rolling his eyes.

    Monday was the likely choice because the Meadowlands is playing host to a soccer game Saturday, Sept. 17 and the New York Jets play the Miami Dolphins there on Sunday.

    The Saints are still waiting for a decision where they'll play the remaining seven games scheduled for the Superdome. The candidates are LSU's Tiger Stadium, the team's overwhelming choice; the Alamodome in San Antonio, where the Saints are living and practicing; or being on the road for all 16 games.

    The scheduling does not totally satisfy the other NFC East teams because the Giants get an extra home game from the switch -- even if they are officially listed as visitors.

    "I'd be smart not to comment on that," Dallas coach Bill Parcells said Monday.

    The Cowboys are also looking forward to having the national attention on Sept. 19 that they've scheduled the Ring of Honor induction of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin for halftime of that game.
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    Ya but us New Yorkers may get screwed. "They" all assume we're Giant (or Bills) fans around here.

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    For me and millions of other Cowboys fans in the NYC area this is exactly what's going to happen. We're screwed. We will be lucky to see the second half of the game, since they are staying with the Giants game locally.
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    Well, I live in a suburb of DC, so I'm covered.

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