Pat Kirwan's Strength and Explosion formula...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Pat Kirwan talks about a formula he used when he was scouting with the Jets to measure a player's strength and explosion. Bench Press Reps + Vert. Jump + Broad Jump. Anything above 70 is considered Superb elite.

    Here are this year's numbers....

    Brian Robinson 77.58
    LaMar Woodley 77.25
    Charles Johnson 76.83
    Adam Carriker 75.66
    Anthony Spencer 71.83
    Tim Crowder 71.75
    Patrick Willis 70.92
    Lawrence Timmons 70.25
    Alan Branch 69.42
    Paul Pasluszny 68.66
    Amobi Okoye 68.25
    Gaines Adams 65.92
    Dan Brazuin 64.08
    Quintin Moses 58.58
    Jarvis Moss 56.5

    Here's some numbers from previous years for comparision...

    Mario Williams 85.5
    Luis Castillo 77
    Ernie Simms 76.42
    Shawne Merriman 75
    Demarcus Ware 75
    AJ Hawk 73.58
    Kamerion Wimbley 73.25
    Manny Lawson 72.83
    Demarco Ryan 72.75
    Mark Anderson 72.58
    Thomas Howard 70.33
    Darryl Tapp 69.08
    Kevin Burnett 67
    Bobby Carpenter 64.83
    Chad Greenway 59.25
    Mathias Kiwanuka 59
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    I was very impressed with Woodey's strength and explosion numbers, especially since he's not considered to be a big man. He also have a very short, compact body and knows how to use it to gain leverage ala Dwight Freeney .. I think he's going to give NFL offensive linemen fits. #22 might be a little too high, but if the Cowboys trade down he would be my number one target. I've heard rumors that the Jets and Patriots like him a lot, and I trust those two franchises.

    I was very disappointed at how weak Jarvis Moss is. I heard he also was less than impressive when asked to work out in linebacker drills at his personal workout. Basically you got a guy who is too weak to play with his hand down in a 4-3, and too clumsy to play in a two point stance in a 3-4 ... I would be very worried about taking him in anthing higher than the 3rd round.
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    It seems like woodley would be a perfect fit.

    I think he is one of those guys that will jump the 10 days before the draft, like ware and wimberly.

    I am really curious as to where robinson is going to end up, He is a guy that gets lost in the shuffle I think because of the wr and corners in this first round.
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    What are low #'s like? I see Jarvis Moss at the bottom of this list, but with no reference to what an average or below average player would rate at. I'm assuming that he's still rated pretty high, but I'd just like to know for reference.

    Good stuff though InmanRoshi...
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    I am too. Apparently some still think he's a second day pick... I say no way. I've seen one or two guys put him as high as a late one early second. I didn't get to watch too much Texas football this he someone you think could play opposite Ware?
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    Here is a highlight clip for him off of youtube. Several Ware-like flashes in there. I would love to get him 3rd-4th round, but I think he'll go higher than that.
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    Good stuff. That's a pretty damn impressive highlight clip for someone projected as a mid-round pick. I'd obviously like to see more, but judging from that video, he seems to have the athleticism to play OLB in the 3-4. I like.
  8. cowboysfan31

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    He came to Texas as an OLB and played there for a little while before switching to DE, so I definitely think he can make the transition.
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    I like this measurement. Seems like a good measure of overall ability. I remember seeing this a while back and then reading that a 70 was considered excellent.

    Its amazing that some of those guys can rack up 80s and stuff.

    Mario Williams, Bunkley and Vernon Davis all had 85's.......Thats nuts.

    But how about this guy. When I read about it a year or two ago, this guy stuck out.

    Thats nuts....

    Anyone know what Calvin Johnson's is? Gotta be up there.
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    I do not care if someone tells me this is a reach for the 2nd him Jerry......make Robison a Cowboy....

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    Robison and Crowder from UTexas are going to be impressive NFL pass rushers. I would expect them both to be gone by the time we pick in the 2nd round if more teams used the 3-4. Since they would both be situational pass rushers in a 4-3, I think that those teams would value them more as late 2nd to early 4th round values. In theory, thats one of the advantages to running a 3-4, there is a little less competition for your front seven players. I would consider Robison or Crowder a steal at our spot in the 2nd and 3rd respectively, and one of them will probably be there for us.

    The Longhorns sure have recruited some amazing atheletes lately at LB and on the Dline.
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    he's a lock for the 2nd IMO
  13. T-New41

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    I have watched him at TX for a while now. He doesn't look it, but the guy has some insane athleticism. He has ridiculous hops as well, he has blocked several field goals jumping straight up into the air. He was always complimented by the coaches for his dedication to his strength and conditioning. He has a high motor and seems to have pretty good football smarts. He is solid pass rusher and solid against the run. IMO, he would be a perfect compliment to Ware and I believe he would be able to adjust to a 3-4 OLB w/ little problem. I would love for him to wear a star, one of my favorite defensive players at Texas.
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    oh yeh nice info. Gimme' LaMarr WOodly, Charles Johnson or Anthoy Spencer.
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    What the...?

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