Pat Williams at DT

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Champsheart, Feb 5, 2005.

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    This is the one guy in FA that I think we must have.
    Pat is a huge mountain of a man, that dominates the point of attack.

    I watched many Buffalo games on the Sunday Ticket for obvious reasons this year, and if you name 1 guy who made that defense go it was Pat.

    Whether we stay 4-3 or go 3-4 he is the man we need to start building the defense we all desire.

    Not to mention there are very few options in FA, and the draft this year for a NT.

    If there is 1 guy we waste no time with, and maybe even over pay if we have to, I hope it is Pat Williams.
  2. Qwickdraw

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    I agree. It's a shame that Rodrique Wright DT (Texas) decided to go back to school. I really wanted him. Maybe next year.

    Here's my fantasy offseason:

    Free agents:
    1. Kendrell Bell LB (PIT)
    2. Pat Williams DT/NT (BUF)
    3. Najeh Davenport RB (GB)
    4. Andre Dyson CB (TEN)
    5. Darren Sharper FS (GB)

    Draft Picks:
    1. Shawne Merriman DE/LB (Maryland)
    2. Marcus Spears DT/DE (LSU)
    3. Roddy White WR (Alabam-Birmingham)

    It would never happen. But I can dream...
  3. S. Fla Sting

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    While I do agree that we need a big NT from free agency and I think Williams is a solid player, I am concerned about his age. Pat Williams is 32, hes definately no spring chicken.
  4. AsthmaField

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    Here's my wishlist:


    NT - Jason Ferguson
    ILB - Ed Hartwell
    FS - Gary Baxter
    CB - Ken Lucas
    RT - Kareem McKenzie


    1a. Shawne Merriman OLB
    1b. Marcus Spears DE
    2. David Baas OG
    4. Darren Sproles RB

    That would be a good chance to add eight new starters from last years group... seven for sure, and I'd wager that Baas would start by mid season.

    Sproles would get a few snaps per game behind Jones, in certain circumstances.

    I know, I know, Sproles is tiny... but he'd be able to really create in an open field. We could find ways to get him there on screens, short passes, etc. He'd be a great change of pace back, and remember Parcells said he wants a big pounder and a small, elusive guy to back up JJ. When asked which he'd rather have, he said if he had to choose he'd take elusive.

    Plus, I'd expect Parcells to get another back in besides Jones and Sproles. Especially if he thinks Bickerstaff can't come back fully.
  5. Bizwah

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    No concerns here......He's a Ted Washington type......Washington was a very effective NT over the age of 33.

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