Patrick Crayton and Brandon Stokely

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Sep 12, 2005.


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    Did anybody watch the Ravens vs. Colts game last night? I love watching the machine that is the Colts offense. Scheme and execution dictate productivity. The Colts controlled the game staying for the most part in a 3 WR set where Stokely ate Deion and co. for dinner.

    When looking @ our personnel, is everyone as excited as I am about our weapons and how Crayton played yesterday? How does everyone feel about more 3 receiver sets? Not just on 3rd downs. I'm not saying we're the Colts but does anyone see the Crayton playing a Stokely type role? I'm excited about our O.. If Drew can just limit the fumbles and holding on to the ball.. Any thoughts..
  2. parchy

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    There are some similarities there, sure.

    If you want the next Brandon Stokely, look no further than the Rams' 3rd WR Kevin Curtis... they're so alike it's crazy.
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    add price to the mix and it is down right deadly. how many teams have 4 corners that can match up with Key, Glenn, Crayton and Price?
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    Crayton has a chance to be a good receiver in this league. I don't think he'll be an elite player, due to average size and average speed. But despite his lack of experience, he looks like a polished player. He can find the open areas in a zone from the slot position, and he has great hands. He can flat out catch everything thrown to him. But let's not put him in the Hall of Fame just yet. He had 12 catches last year, and 6 in the first game this year. One season does not a career, or even a season, make. But yes - I am excited about him if he stays healthy and can give us consistency over time.

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    Precisely! Witten and Price were'nt really even involved.. My bet is Drew is a little bit more than the Bus Driver everyone is predicting..
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    He actually reminds me a bit of Jerry Rice. We could only hope he even comes anywhere near a fraction of what Rice accomplished. But, he does have some similarities. And, look at it like this, did anyone expect Rice to turn out like he did, coming from Mississippi Vallley State. I think not. Never say never and do a lot of wishing.
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    Uhhh....not everyone (clears throat).
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    I can't figure out why people are getting so fired up about this 4 WR set thing. It either takes our best offensive player- Julius or our second best offensive player Witten out of the game. 3 WR with a TE and RB is what I want to see the majority of the time.
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    He has superior route running, and has shifty moves after the catch.

    He also catches the ball well under pressure -- he runs effortlessly, just like Rice - nice comparison.

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    Rice was the 16th player taken in the 1st rounder and only slipped that far because he was from a small school. But everyone knew who he was coming in and he was highly regarded. Crayton was a 7th rounder who played QB in college. Tell me again how these two are similar?
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    I don't care about size or speed. Crayton is on his way to becoming the #1 receiver on this team. He will cement his position by week 8. Book it!
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    So Drew Pearson, Hines Ward, and Rod Smith weren't/aren't elite receivers? Same size- 6-0 200 range. All with just functional speed.
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    I'm not sure I would say he can't be elite due to average size. 6' and 205 is not that bad size for a wideout. In fact, he's taller than any other receiver on our team besides Keyshawn if i'm not mistaken. Besides for that, i'm pretty sure Jerry Rice was elite without prototypical speed and size, and so is Hines Ward, Derrick Mason, and a few others I can think of.

    Anyway, I don't think Crayton is going to be our future #1, but I see no reason he can't work his way to being a #2 here, similar to Randle El in Pittsburgh. A lot of becoming great is hard work, and he's already proven he's willing to put that in.

    As for 4 wide sets, i'd rather see Price take Keys spot sometimes and go 3 wide with Price/Glenn/Crayton or Key/Glenn/Price along with Witten and Jones.
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    He reminds me of Hines Ward more than anyone else. If he plays with the intensity of Ward, he'll have a long career. I hope he blocks as well too.
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    I'm not saying he is Jerry Rice, just some of the way he runs and catches the ball, it's really smooth like Rice. But that's where the comparison stops for me.

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