Patriots 10 straight seasons with more than 10 wins

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CyberB0b, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Nobody suspected any other team of taping signals. To make matters worse, there were teams that were convinced that the Pats tapped into their radio communications in games they play against them in Foxboro.

    If the initial destroying of the evidence by the NFL was not telltale sign that what the Pats did was so bad that the NFL had to help cover it up, the way the league has handled the recent cap situation with us, which was collusion plain and simple, and now BountyGate should give us an indication of just how bad the cheating was for the Patriots.

    All I do know is that Charlie Weis, Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel are sad jokes as head coaches, yet were brilliant in New England. And that the NE defense has never been the same since the very week the allegations came forward.

    Where the Pats were brilliant is that they pushed forward to make the team better when they were having success. I think most teams, had they been cheating and having success, would have kept the same players around and probably think that they were truly superior. Instead, the Pats put more weapons around Brady and created a super team of WR's in Stallworth, Welker and Moss.

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    I stopped thinking Belechick was a Genius after these moments

    Lost the AFC Championship game in 2006 after having a 21-3 lead

    Almost lost to a 6-5 Eagles team with A.J Feeley in 2007 season

    Lost to the Giants in 2007 SB after taking the lead late in the game

    Lost to the Ravens in the playoffs at home in 2009

    Lost to the Giants again in SB in 2011

    So if he was this great genius he would have had atleast 2 more rings from that time period.
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    No one is calling Bellicheck God, and while genius may be an over used term, him as well as your boy Coughlin are among the top few coaches in the league.
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    Don't forget Andy Reid
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    Not just tapping into opponents signals, but feeding signals to Brady after the stipulated 'black-out' period. Their home game record 'speaks' volumes to their shenanigans.

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