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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by irvin88, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. irvin88

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    In a year where the FOUR TEAMS all year in the NFL were clearly New England, Indy, Dallas and Greenbay….and the four quarterbacks who dominated were Brady, Manning, Farve and Romo….

    Somehow, someway, the Patriots managed NOT ONLY to miss facing Indy, Dallas and Greenbay, but ALSO faced future legends
    Garrard, Rivers(with no knee ligaments) and "The other" Manning.
    How did this happen! Somehow this had to be connected top Spygate!
  2. DWhite Fan

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    Luck, pure and simple.....
  3. bkight13

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    Are you serious? I can't stand the Pats, but they beat Dallas, Indy, Pittsburgh and the NFC Champion Giants on the road. They beat the Chargers twice and beat the team no one wanted to play in the playoffs, Jacksonville, in the playoffs. If they go undefeated, it will be truely amazing.
  4. yimyammer

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    No doubt, especially considering that after about 7 or 8 games every team was pulling out all stops to try and take them out. Who would have thought the last game against the Giants would have been such a battle.

    Their a hellova team and I'm envious as hell
  5. khiladi

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    And coincidentally, the Giants couldn't stop Moss on the TD that put both Brady and Moss in the record books, despite having the right coverage down.

    The CB doubled the underneath, despite knowing why they were in the coverage in the first place, and the safety was also out of position for the double team...
  6. Vintage

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    Yes. The Patriots are responsible for the Colts not taking care of business against the Chargers. The Patriots also were also responsible for us not taking care of our own business. Ditto on Green Bay.

    Besides. The Patriots blew us out in Dallas. They beat Indy in Indy. I am sure they'd have won anyway....
  7. ayjackson

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    what he said.
  8. AbeBeta

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    Whatever -- the Pats have to play the two hottest teams one after another SD then the Giants -- those guys have proven that Indy, Dallas, and GB were just pretenders.
  9. tyke1doe

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    Love hurts.

    So does truth. :(
  10. CowboyFan74

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    The only game I say they got lucky in was Indy, Starvin Marvin was out and the Colts still almost won. Clearly they missed #88...

    Aside from that no doubt about it, this has been their year...
  11. Temo

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    Actually, I think they got somewhat unlucky in that game, with the ticky tack PI calls and all. THe injuries certainly helped, but the colts were mostly whole back then.

    Their luckiest game this year was baltimore, I think.

    Either way, the OP needs to calm down or I need to pick up on sarcasm better.
  12. CowboyFan74

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    You missed the point, they were lucky Marvin Harrison wasn't playing that day...;)

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