News: Patriots: Can't measure toughness: Kyle Wilber

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Angus, May 6, 2012.

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    After explaining how he worked both as a defensive end and outside linebacker for the Demon Deacons, even dropping into coverage “about 75 percent of the time” in the latter situation, Wilber was asked what he would do if he wasn’t playing football.

    “I really want to work with kids,” said Wilber, who is projected as a mid-round pick. “The reason I majored in sociology and communications at Wake Forest was because right after I graduated I contacted the Winston-Salem community trying to help kids with gang intervention and prevention. I’m on the student-athlete advisory committee. We help out at the children’s home, a homeless shelter, we have a program called Project Desk, where we build desks for children in the Winston-Salem community. So, I really want to do something with kids.”

    An impressive response from a 22-year-old who is basically in the middle of the most important interviews of his life at the Combine. But then Wilber was asked why he felt so strongly about helping kids and soon peeled back some layers that explain exactly where he gets his drive to succeed.

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    “Growing up I had a rough childhood. I was born in Orlando and me and mother moved to Chicago. I never knew my biological father,” Wilber began. “When I was 6 or 7 my mother left me and my sister to my aunt, and then my stepfather worked out a deal with my aunt to take custody of me. My mother came back into my life about a year or two later and I was back and forth with my stepfather and my mother.

    “Then my stepfather wanted me to go down to Orlando to live with my grandmother – that was when I was in seventh grade. For a year I was living with my grandmother and in the eighth grade my grandmother died. Then in the ninth grade my mother committed suicide. My stepfather moved down to Orlando and I’ve been living with him ever since.”


    Many of us have a lot to be thankful for in our lives.
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    Wow - this kid has got to have some amazing internal coping skills to go through all that and be this strong and well-adjusted at this stage in his life. A lot of credit has to go to the stepfather who seemed to care for him a great deal through all the upheaval in Kyle's early life.

    He will be successful in life because he has a solid set of values and priorities. I am really rooting hard for him to have a successful career in the NFL and then an even more successful career after doing what he wants to do - help children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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    Count me as an admirer of this kid but also of his stepfather who became the rock Wilbur needed in his young/growing years. Sure hope this guy has a great career with us: he (and his sister/family) will benefit financially and we'd gain (hopefully) a great young player who could significantly improve our defense.

    BTW: This is the 2nd article which seems to have come out about Wilbur from the Pats organization. Since Pats did talk to him, sounds like they had some interest.
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    Wow. I feel like a fool. Like a fool for all the complaining I do. It all seems trivial compared to what he's been through and at such an early age.

    He's my new favorite Cowboy, and I will be rooting hard for him to succeed.
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    He is now one of my favorite players. He will succeed. He has come through too much and succeeded to lose out now.
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    holy crap.

    i really want to see this guy make it.
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    If anyone really needed another reason to root for this guy, you got one.
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    “I never wanted to see my children live a lifestyle like me,” Wilber said. “I’ve been blessed with my stepfather, Darryl Wilber, he’s been the real stabilizing force in my life. Without him I really don’t know where I’d be right now. My sister is struggling right now living in Missouri with three kids. I really want to help her out and put her through college so she can have more income.​

    I'll sure be rooting for him...
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    You root for Wilber, you're rooting for alot of people. Count me in.
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    great story
    i will certainly be pulling for him (as i will be for all cowboys)

    takes stuff like this to put our own lives in perspective

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