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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Verdict, Sep 14, 2007.

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    It seems as though whether a person thinks the Patriots' punishment was severe enough depends on what context it is put in. To be quite honest, when I heard that the punishment included the Patriots losing their own first round pick, it was harsher than I thought the league would impose, simply because they are the Patriots.

    Regardless of anything else, the loss of that pick not only hurts them today, it could have a lingering effect on the "playing lifetime" of the hypothetical player that the Patriots could have chosen with that pick. It also limits their ability to move up or down based on need, compared to what they could have had if they had not lost the pick. So, in that sense, it is a very substantial penalty.

    On the other hand, I think it appears inadequate when compared to the crushing blow that Wade Wilson received from the commissioner. I think that Little Bill should have caught a suspension for at least 6 games because in my mind the punishment should have been more severe than the one imposed on Wilson.
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    I could appreciate the decision if not for the the Wilson decision. Seems Wilson was made the sacrificial goat.
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    Agree re Wilson and Goodell should have taken that into consideration when punishing Belicheat.
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    The penalty imposed upon Wilson arguably hurt Wilson a lot more than it did the Cowboys, in the short run, and the long haul. That was probably appropriate since when he took the banned substance he didn't even work for the Cowboys. No penalty was imposed on the Cowboys, but apparantly, no penalty was imposed on the Chicago Bears team that he was a coach for when the infraction was committed.

    In the Patriots' cheating case, other than the fine Little Bill received, the team took all of the punishment. While it was a substantial fine, I would guess that percentage wise, it was a much smaller fine proportionately than Wilson's was. In this case Little Bill did not have to "pay" for his transgression at all. A fine does not carry near the impact that a suspension does, because he is the HEAD COACH. If Little Bill is suspended, I think it hurts the Patriots in a huge way, especially if the suspension is longer than five games.

    In comparing it to Wade Wilson's penalty, I really feel like Little Bill should have received at least a six (6) game suspension, because in my mind what the Patriots did was far worse than what Wilson did, since his violation was a technical violation that had absolutely ZERO effect on the outcome of any game.

    It is also arguable that Wilson's suspension hurt the Cowboys to some degree even though the Cowboys organization had nothing to do with the offense Wilson committed.
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    There is an article somewhere that pointed out that a suspension would be no big deal because Belicheat could still do the weekly stuff like view film, game plan, and other team issues from his house. So if that is the case, how would that really hurt the Pats? :confused:

    Now, the Wilson thing is another can of worms! :cool:
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    Presumably the suspension would not allow the offender to serve in any capacity during the suspension. I don't think Wilson is allowed to coach at all during his suspension.
  7. 5Stars

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    I know. But the article said that it would be hard to monitor all of BellaTape's phone records, his visits somewhere outside of the facility, things like that. So, that's not really a suspension...he will work from his home gameplaning and looking at film, he just would not be there on Sunday.

    Who knows....?

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    In cases of suspension the suspended party is not allowed any contact with their respective teams So I guess your suggesting Bellacheat would continue with his wicked ways and keep on Cheating........... makes sense,but it's a moot point unless another alegation came forth this season, in that case I throw the book at the hooded bum if I was Commish but I'm not. I do believe both parties have themselves backed into a corner if any other transgressions come to light, ie: frequency jamming, and or any other dirty little tricks, the Penelty would be most severe. Eyes are watching the Pats I hope they have a plesent season..... NOT!
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    I think the NFL should stop any other teams attempting to break this rule too.
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    The punishment was a joke. Belicheat makes $4 million per year. With endorsements it's probably at least $5 mill *per year*. And he's been making that for awhile. But here's the real kicker, let's say this fine puts Belicheat into a "financial bind", Kraft would surely just re-do his contract at the end of the season and he could easily recoup the money he loss. And $500k to Kraft is like subway change to me and you.

    This isn't about Pats hate. Hell, I've come across Skins fans who are irate about this and their only tie to the Patriots (besides getting a bust in former Pats players Christian Fauria and David Patten) is they played the Pats back in 2003, and beat them. It's about NFL fans who don't like slimeball cheating and legitimately question the intergrity of the game since 2001.

    By suspending Belichick and making the Pats forfeit the game, it would not have made everybody happy, but I think it would please most people and the NFL *and* the Pats would probably be able to move on more seriously. Instead they get more or less the proverbial slap on the wrist and it's just incensed fans, players, and coaches and questioned the intergrity of the game AND the league even more.

    Goodell really didn't think this out very well.


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