Patriots Targeting Mark Barron

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dgr81, Apr 19, 2012.

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    CSN New England's Tom Curran is hearing from multiple sources that the Patriots would target Alabama S Mark Barron if they made a trade to move up in the draft.

    The Pats certainly have a need opposite Patrick Chung. They also have the ammo to trade up from No. 27, but they would have to give up quite a bit to move in front of the Cowboys at No. 14. As's Peter King suggested early in the week, Barron's stock is steadily on the rise.

    Apr 19 - 5:29 PM
    Source: CSN New England
  2. dallasfaniac

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    Both 1sts and its done.
  3. BraveHeartFan

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    I certainly wouldn't mind giving them the 14th pick and letting them have him if we'd get an extra first out of it this year. That would be just fine with me.
  4. Phrozen Phil

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    I'm aboard for that, but I doubt NE does it. It would be so out of character for them.
  5. johnnyd

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    agreed , there more likley to use 1 of their ones and flip the other for a next season 1 + something else.
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    Looking at the old draft value chart, 27 and 31 balances almost perfectly with 14 and 81 (our 3rd-rounder). Of course, the old chart isn't right, and draft pick values have probably changed further under the new CBA. If we could do it for our 4th, I'd be more inclined to say yes. Then we'd have the ammo with our 3rd to move up from 27 to the 20 range if someone was still there.
  7. dallasfaniac

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    I doubt New England would trade up that far either but that's the only way I would do the trade down and would do it in a heartbeat.
  8. InmanRoshi

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    That would suck for Dallas. The late 1st round is a dead spot in this draft. Guys drafted in the late 1st wont be that much different than guys drafted in the 3rd round. We're looking at 1996 and 2009 backups and special teamers draft all over again.
  9. theogt

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    The last 1st round is one of the sweet spots in this draft. From about 25-40, the players are ranked about the same, but after that there's a big drop off in talent.
  10. casmith07

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    There are going to be a lot of reaches in the late part of the 1st.

    If we're going to need to trade up to get Barron, we could possibly flip 14 and 81 for 9 or 10. Might have to swap 7th rounders or something too, or toss in a 6th in exchange for a 7th.

    New England trading up is highly uncharacteristic, though. They tend to like to trade their late 1st rounders for multiple 2nd/3rd round picks, where they've done pretty well lately.

    I still could see them making a trade up play for Blackmon, too. Brady desperately needs a legitimate outside WR.
  11. Sasquatch

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    If Barron is there at 14, I would be hesitant to trade back with the Pats as well, unless it's for this year's and next year's first. QB rich class coming out next year and puts us in a good position to find Romo's successor.
  12. jswalker1981

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    They did sign Donte Stallworth and Brandon Lloyd this year, so I don't think WR is a big priority. Just remember what Lloyd did with McDaniels in Denver with Orton at QB.
  13. dallasfaniac

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    Yeah, I'm liking the end of round 1 and don't see trading down like 1996 and 2009 when we traded out of the 1st round entirely at 27 and 31, there's still plenty of starting caliber of players.
  14. RS12

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    I do 14 for 27 and 31 alone, not 81. Get McClellin and Fleener.
  15. SDogo

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    Hmmm, #14 is worth 1100

    Patriots have #27 & #48 that's.........680+420........1100 hmmmmm

    #27 Shea McClellin

    Time to trade back up!

    #45 + #81='s 635

    49ers #30 = 600 (TRADE!)

    #30 Peter Konz

    Time to trade down and get that 3rd back!

    #48 = 420 + #186 = 17 Total 437

    Ravens #60 = 300 and #91 = 136 Total 436

    #60 Jared Crick

    #91 Ryan Broyles

    Don't need to
  16. Macnalty

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    Poor New England now everyone knows their draft plans someone is in big trouble when Bill finds out about this leak. We should keep this quiet and to ourselves like the Eagles moving up ahead of us to draft Luechy or was it Cox?
  17. casmith07

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    Good point about Lloyd, but Stallworth is a #3 at best.
  18. Hostile

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    This is just my opinion, but the Patriots try to get too cute with their Drafts. Every year it looks like they are the big winners because they have extra 1st round picks next year. But if they never actually take players with those extra picks then what exactly are they doing that is so right?
  19. Sasquatch

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    Winning consistently which makes everything appear rosy.
  20. Woods

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    Actually, I think NE "only" has 6 draft picks this year, but there are 4 bunched in Rounds 1 and 2 I believe.

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