Patriots win a big one but Colts are still the better team...

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    I know that the Patriots beat Indy in Indy to stay perfect. Everyone is already proclaiming them the AFC Champions with a good shot at a perfect season. So why do I think the Colts are still the better team? Here's why:

    1. The Patriots were DOMINATED for 3 1/2 quarters and down by 10 points at one point in the 4th quarter.

    2. The Colts had so many starters out of the game that it was more of a preseason line-up rather than a midseason line-up. Let's see: Left tackle was out, 2 linebackers were out, Harrison was out, and Gonzalez was taken out of the game in the 1st quarter for precautionary reasons. There were also key backups out as well. They only had TWO linebackers playing in the game.

    In a playoff game, most of those starters would play and the outcome would be different.

    3. The Colts were moving the ball at will in the first half but couldn't score touchdowns in the red zone because of mistakes and playmakers on the sidelines.

    4. Uncharacteristic drops prevented at least TWO TOUCHDOWNS. The first by Gonzalez before he was take out of the game. The second by Reggie Wayne when he had a step on his guy and let the ball go right through his hands on what would have been a sure TD.

    5. The Colts offense EXPOSED the run defense of the Patriots. Boy, did those old linebackers look slow in chasing Addai all over the field.

    Give credit to Tony Dungy. His decision to sit his key starters was brilliant because he knew it was only 1 game in the season. Even though that one game may mean home field advantage, Dungy knows that a healthy line-up will make the difference in winning another AFC Championship.

    COLTS vs. COWBOYS in the Superbowl BABY!!!

    BOOK IT!!!

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