News: Pats men among ‘Boys

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    Pats men among ‘Boys

    By Jim Lazar / The Bet Box
    Friday, October 14, 2011 - Updated 44 minutes ago

    There was a time, say 20 years ago, when a visit to Foxboro by the Dallas Cowboys would be big, bigger than a 10-gallon hat and a pair of six-shooters on the hips.

    Of course, now, to borrow a phrase, the “what’s left of” America’s Team is just another team in the NFL, where winning a playoff game (just one postseason victory in 15 years) is enough to prompt ecstatic remembrances of Roger Staubach and Bob Lilly.

    (The Patriots [team stats] have gone four years without a playoff triumph, so that’s like 15 years around here.)

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    Somebody got paid to write that, and that's just sad.
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    20 years ago the Pats were the joke of the league.

    1990 1-15
    1991 6-10
    1992 2-14
    1993 5-11

    This guy is delusional.

    Somebody also needs to tell him its been 7 years since his "super pats" won a Super Bowl.
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    Indeed. The state of reporting and writing are at an all time low.

    Dumb people with an audience to say dumb things to.

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