Paul Newman's cancer claims

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    Paul Newman reportedly has lung cancer.

    The 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' actor has been suffering from the potentially fatal disease for several months and just weeks ago had to pull out of directing a big-screen adaptation of John Steinbeck's book 'Of Mice and Men'.

    A friend of the actor - who used to be a chain-smoker - told the National Enquirer magazine: "We have known he is seriously ill for several weeks but his loved ones are being very protective and saying very little."
    The legendary actor was reportedly diagnosed with the cancer at the New York's Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, a few hours drive from his Connecticut home, where he lives with his wife Joanne Woodward.
    In March, a cancer patient claimed he had regularly seen Newman at the hospital.

    He said: "He's been there a lot, he's even worked out in the waiting room, doing the squat thrusts. Last time, he was in there he had a long beard. Joanne is there waiting for him and being very sweet with the assistants."
    However, his spokesperson played down his hospitalisation, saying Newman was "being treated for athlete's foot and hair loss".
    Newman has previously denied reports he has cancer.


    So he's either dying from lung cancer or suffering from athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a common differential diagnosis from lung cancer. :rolleyes: But in all seriousness, this probably doesn't bode well...I hope the best for him and that it's not lung cancer. He wouldn't make the year if true and it ain't a pretty departure.

    BTW, there are other sources for this beyond The Star- all British.
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    Send him to see Dr. Gregory House. He'll cure him or kill him. :D

    but seriously hopefully he doesn't have cancer
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    He's extremely private, so I'm not surprised they're not talking.
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    Hopefully he doesn't have cancer.

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