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Pauline: Bama T Kouandjio is a wow player

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,101 Messages
    8,086 Likes Received
    Draft insider Tony Pauline called Alabama junior T Cyrus Kouandjio a "wow" player.

    Pauline believes Kouandjio is a better run blocker than Lane Johnson, a better pass blocker than Eric Fisher, and displays more nastiness than Luke Joeckel. Kouandjio isn't perfect and was beaten on occasion last year, but that happens with every prospect. He will be the Crimson Tide's top offensive lineman this season.
    Source: Tony Pauline on Twitter
    Jul 12 - 11:40 AM
  2. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

    49,182 Messages
    11,757 Likes Received
    Bama and the SEC are tough. I don't get to watch a lot of their games though. Love to go to college games but not quite as interested on TV.
  3. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

    16,011 Messages
    11,584 Likes Received
    Yeah, Kouandjio is a bad ***. I wouldn't mind sticking him at RT at all.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

    40,930 Messages
    5,690 Likes Received

    I don't doubt this. Lane, while an exceptional athletic talent with a ton of upside, particularly in the pass blocking area, is not a great run blocking OT. He may develop into that but I suspect he will probably always be a much better pass blocking LT.

    I don't doubt this. Joeckel was abused in certain situations at A&M and he did not really show all that well at the combine.

    This I doubt. This will have to be one of those "Show Me" statements. I think that Fisher is probably about as good a pass blocking LT as I have seen come out since Thomas in 2007. He would have to go some, IMO, to be better then Fisher.
  5. ABQcowboyJR

    ABQcowboyJR Well-Known Member

    3,307 Messages
    346 Likes Received
    Depending how T.Smith does and the year Kouandjio I might not mind sticking him at LT.
  6. dart

    dart Benched

    811 Messages
    31 Likes Received
    but we go interior O line first

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

    40,930 Messages
    5,690 Likes Received
    I would not think we would do that. I think that if we fall flat with the interior O again this year, we would try to bring in players that are capable of starting in 2014. If we draft more interior OLs early, it will take time for them to develop and we probably don't have that time to wait. I would not be surprised to see us draft interior OL later in the draft but not in rounds 1 or 2 IMO.

    I could see us going DE, DT S or OT in the 1st. JMO
  8. dart

    dart Benched

    811 Messages
    31 Likes Received
    I see us going DT - DE in the 1 st

    and give me Lewan out of Mich over Kouandjio

    why would we draft a OT in the first ?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

    40,930 Messages
    5,690 Likes Received
    If we fall on our face again at RT or if Smith somehow fails to make the conversion we all think and hope he can to LT, then I could see us taking a starting Tackle in the 1st round if that were our best option when it came time for us to pick.
  10. Chris in Arizona

    Chris in Arizona I am Death

    6,054 Messages
    3,238 Likes Received
    Cyrus is my early favorite for the Cowboys next year (despite the obvious need for D Line). IMO he's very similar to Tyron, only stronger than Tyron was at this point in his career.

    RT could very well be a big need if Free doesn't bounce back and Parnell doesn't impress.
  11. IAmLegend

    IAmLegend Well-Known Member

    6,912 Messages
    3,710 Likes Received
    We'd have to have a top 15 pick to get Kouandjio imo. He's already rated as a top 20 prospect and OT's ALWAYS rise up draft boards before the draft. It's the 2nd most important position after QB. With that said, he'd be an amazing pickup if it were possible. He's a great prospect. It's hard to find a guy that size with that type of athleticism.


  12. KDM256

    KDM256 Active Member

    613 Messages
    214 Likes Received
    Cyrus will not make it out of the top 10 in this year's draft... So hopefully this thread is wishing thinking or we've had a dumpster fire of a season going into this draft.
  13. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,101 Messages
    8,086 Likes Received

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