Pauline NFL draft risers, sliders: Week 7

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Oct 15, 2012.

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    • Taylor Lewan*/T/Michigan: Lewan is the first of three offensive linemen rising up draft boards and an underclassman who continues to impress scouts. He looked outstanding in all areas against the athletic Illinois defense. His skills in pass protection were outstanding as Lewan had no problem controlling defensive ends or oncoming blitzers. Watching the big left tackle easily move down the field blocking in motion was especially impressive. There's a very good chance Lewan will be the first offensive tackle selected if he enters the 2013 NFL Draft.

    • Travis Frederick/OL/Wisconsin: The Badgers offensive line has recently seen a resurgence and Frederick is leading the way. The athletic blocker moved to center this season after spending his sophomore campaign at guard and was a one-man wrecking crew against Purdue. Frederick dominated on the line of scrimmage, opening large holes in the middle of the field for the running game. He also displayed terrific skill in motion, annihilating linebackers on the second level. Frederick looks NFL ready and will be a top-75 choice if he enters the draft.

    • Lane Johnson/T/Oklahoma: Johnson was dominant during the Sooners' lopsided victory over Texas, manhandling a pair of talented Longhorns defensive ends. Johnson is known for his pass protection skills, yet he has displayed improved run-blocking strength and also showed great ability blocking in motion. His play was responsible for several long gainers early in the game which set the tone for Oklahoma. Johnson entered the season with middle-round grades yet has moved into the draft's second day and now ranks as a top-100 choice.

    • Manti Te'o/ILB/Notre Dame: Te'o was criticized by some after bypassing the NFL draft last April, yet no one is questioning his decision anymore.

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    Third rounder anyone.
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    if he goes as a C I am thinking 2 rd

    but for some unknown reason the have fallen in love with Costa

    but I would love to get him in the 3
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    I wouldn't think twice about a second round pick. He will never last till the third. These Badger guards/centers always get drafted early and they are worth it.
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    Are they?

    Wisconsin (historically) does a great job developing OL to be sure but I believe we may have seen that lead to over-drafting now.

    in 2011 they sent Carimi(r1), Moffitt(r3) and Nagy(Cowboys) to the pros.
    Carimi has played in and started 7 games in 2 years due to injury concerns.
    Moffiitt is at 11 games started and played in through 2 seasons for the same reasons. And is out now.
    Nagy has 4 games played and was cut by us. Is sitting in Detroit currently.

    2012 produced Konz, Zeitler, Oglesby.
    Konz: Back up in ATL after being a r2 pick.
    Zeitler: R1 pick. Day 1 starter at RG. Has impressed.
    Ogelsby: UDFA got a look in Washington but appears to be out of the NFL currently.

    Of all those guys Zeitler looks like a stud. Carimi has been slow to start his career with injuries. He had a game with a sack allowed and 3 penalties this month.

    Wisc fired the OL coach in September.

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