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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by VirusX, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Ok, Now that FA is here FF is comming soon.. My league is looking to pay for a team but around $100 per league.

    So far I see / / CBS Sportsline / Yahoo

    Anyone recommend a nice FF league site for me besides these or are any of the above 4 site worth the money?
  2. k19

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    I was in a pay league at ESPN the last 2 years and their product was horrible. Trades not going through, rosters no unlocking, scorring errors and on and on. If I had to pay for ESPN again I'd take my money elsewhere. I did a free yahoo league and it was decent and I have heard good things about CBS
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    I would recommend (real time sports) Its very nice i've been there for the last 3 years and its definitely worth the money. MyFantasyLeague is the next best choice. I could set up a guest account if you care to take a look around...



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