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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by garrett316, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. garrett316

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    Can anyone post a recap of Parcells PC today for those stuck at work and unable to listen?
  2. Jimz31

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    Nothing really to hear yet....just making excuses for Bledsoe like he did for VT last year.

    He "didn't let Bledsoe do what he does....I tried to do something else...." Blah, blah, blah.

    I knew this was coming....last year, he gave every imaginable excuse to is beginning again.
  3. Bungarian

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    He said it was chaos on the sideline
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    That's my biggest fear, too.
  5. aikemirv

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    I understand the frustration, but other than Warner, who was BP going to go out and get. He is not going to get Warner, he is going to get the guy he has won with and knows. Otherwise you've got Henson and Romo and we all know his philosophy on that "best chance to win"

    If our team in the last 2 preseason games does not look like a team that can compete for a playoff spot then all fans should be calling for Romo or Henson to get their shot and see what we have, because there is no sense now losing another year with Bledsoe, we might as well do it with one of the young guys and get them some experience at this point.

    I was never sold on Bledsoe since we got him and he was worse Sat than I expected so I am a bit concerned myself.
  6. SupermanXx

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    I actually like Bledsoe (as opposed to me despising Vinny) so hopefully the excuses are correct and not BS like it was last year
  7. StateCollegeCowboy

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    Why? I thought everybody knew that Bledsoe was the unquestioned starter barring injury this year? Why are his excuses surprising?
  8. Bungarian

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    Parcells said after the PC that Bledsoe came over to the sideline and said they could complete deep to Glenn anytime. Parcells said he knew but that was not what he wanted to do??
  9. SupermanXx

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    no joke? that's extremely good news
  10. Bungarian

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    He also said the cards where plugging the middle and he could have ran Thompson outside every play.
  11. speedkilz88

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    I think they were saying that because of the eight men in the box, that they could pass on those early downs and play catch with Glenn all day. But BP wanted to try and run, see what his OL were made of... and he was sorely disappointed.
  12. smashmouth

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    I didn't get all of it , but I heard him mentioning something about playing more 4 down linemen in order to get Glover and Ferguson Canty and Spears on the field at the same time.
  13. Everlastingxxx

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    And he was gonna do this lying on his back?
  14. InmanRoshi

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    Jacob Rogers - Nothing serious. A couple of days maybe. I wold have to say I’m a little disappointed.

    So you had the MRI done?
    3rd MRI since he’s been here.

    Exercise bicycles full of players.
    That’s what we do when guys are rehabbing. That’s where the hurt players rehab.

    Patience running in or running out on Rogers?
    Not fair to say anything.

    Habits become who they are. Rogers.
    I’m not saying that . Fact of the matter is if you can’t participate then I don’t have any evidence that you’re capable. I think he’ll be back participating quick.

    Rivera has had a slight hamstring twinge for a few days, and we’re just erring on the side of caution and giving him a few days. Hopefully we can get ahead of it.

    RT position.
    Pettiti did alright. He didn’t play enough. Again, he had a problem with his leg, so I didn’t want to over do him but he’ll play a lot this next week. We’ve looked outside the organization a little bit in the last 10 days. I’d have to become convinced that we can’t solve the problem from within to go that route. I’ll give all of the guys we got here a shot. . At some point I might put Vollers at RT. I have a pretty good read at what he can do at RT. Larry doesn’t get a shot there right now.

    Still looks like a traffic cop. I was happy with the technique of the front defense, other than the 3rd defense the longest run was 4 yards for the night. I was surprised by some of the rookies that played well on the defensive front for their first time in a game situation. Our main problem, and this is different than a 4-3, is the OLB’s ability to convert from run to pass. Particulary from run to pass rusher. That’s the thing recognition wise that takes the most experience. We did two drills this morning to help them in that area, but that’s one area I wasn’t happy with ... converting from run to pass. Now, on the run they were fine. Its not so much recognition, but to cut down on the lapsed time to determine what you’re going to do. We played stack defense the highest percentage of time on purpose. We didn’t do much out of it, because I just wanted them to play. From that standpoint, honestly, I was happy with what I saw. On offense, that’s a totally different story.

    1st string offense thoughts. Was it Bledsode? The OL? WR’s not getting open?
    I can’t really tell you ... I would be venturing a guess on trying to single out one thing to point my finger at. You can’t do it. We didn’t have a lot of mental errors on either side of the ball, under 15 mental errors. But we were very careless on our OL. We tackled 3 or 4 guys. You get in a bad position with technique and then have to tackle the guy. On that 3rd and 50, we made 4 plays in that drive that could have put us in the scoring zone and still ended up in that situation. It would be hard for me to explain to you what we were trying to do with the offense, because it would look like we weren’t trying to do anything. But I was trying to accomplish something in particular, but it wouldn’t look that way if you were watching it.

    Rookies that played well?
    3 rookie DL looked pretty well. Canty, Johnson and Ratliff. Burnett and ware played quite a bit. Bariault played liked I would hope. He’s got a condition, so I’m trying ot manage that. Happy with the punter. I saw a couple of tacklers on special teams. Other than a few punts, we didn’t use anyone with any experience at all on special teams. We didn’t use any of our core guys on special teams, other than Fowler who has a little bit of experience.

    Davis - mix between defense and special teams.
    I want him to be the gunner on the punt team, because he’s tremendous. I want to use him on KO coverage and punt coverage. If he’s starting, he can probably handle one of them, but not both. He is outstanding. On the plus side of things, I think our gunners on the punt teams .. One of the most difficult positions to find in football, I think we got 4 guys here who can do it. That’s a real, real asset. Maybe not another team in the league has that. We’ll have to see how they go, and that will influence how we use Keith. I don’t want to rob Peter to pay Paul. There’s a fatigue factor to account for. Its much easier for a guy to do it fresh.

    Romo and Henson
    I just tried to give them the time I told you I’d get them. I’ll let it played out the way I would. Both of them did some good and some bad. We haven’t talked about whether Henson follows Bledsoe the next game. We’ll see. Maybe.

    How important is it to score a TD in this next game?
    I would like us to score some, obviously. On the list of importance, I don’t know where I would put it. I wouldn’t put it in a life or death situation right now.

    Tyson Thompson?
    I’m going to keep using him and see how this goes. I think he’s doing pretyt well, and Im encouraging what I’ve seen out of him. Anyone would be.

    4-3 this morning.
    I wouldn’t call it a 4-3, we were practicing more 4 down linemen. I told you all along what would happen. Quite frankly, I’m trying to decide .. This is hypothetical. I know my nickel is between 33 and 40% of the defense. I’m trying to decide on the other 60% whether I’m going to be 30%/30%. 50%/10%. 40%/20%. All the through process going into this is trying to keep my highest quality player in the game for what I think is workable for that player. It involves Glover, Ellis, Ferguson, Canty. We did play a little 4 man front in the game, and you’ll see more of that this week. One of the things that hurts me a little bit is Fergie and Spears aren’t out there.

    If its not 4-3 what do you call it?
    Well, in terms of deployment there are 4 linemen in the game, but its not a 4-3 principle defense. What we’re trying to in the 4 man front is keep carry over from the 3 man front, but we just move one guy down. So three guys use the same technique, and one guy has to adjust. That makes it so that we don’t have to do much adjustment, but the opponent does. The other night we were a very, very high percentage fo 3 man front. We played the nickel a little bit.

    4 man front does Canty play tackle?
    He could play on the guard, yes. Fergie should be ready pretty soon.

    Bledsoe disappointed?
    No. I really didn’t give him what he does best. I was trying to do something else.

    Did he hold onto the ball too long?
    I think he held it once because he couldn’t find anybody.

    Pagel didn’t practice?
    Pagel si done. He’ll be on IR. Rotator cuff injury.

    Did you feel Saturday that the offensive tempo matched AZ’s defensive tempo?
    Probably not. I’m not life or death today. I need to try to get my lineups ready to go by my 3rd game. I got problems here and there, and I’m playing a numbers game in my head. I think I’m going to wind up short in a place or two.

    OL overall.
    3 sacks and 5 holding penalties and a false start. Can’t overcome that. That stops 60% of drive by themselves.

    Did okay. Really did. I only got 1 FB, so it’s great opportunity for him. Running the ball, I don’t think he’s Jim Brown, but I wouldn’t be afraid to give him once in a while.

    I liked the kid since we got him last year. He’s the biggest of the inside group, and he’s active and makes plays on special teams and defense.

    Speed and execution of the defense compared to last year?
    I don’t know there will be a big difference from last year’s group. The size will be different, the speed hopefully will be just as good.

    I think we need to improve there on the offensive line.

    How many positions on the OL do you feel set at?
    Three. I’m going to put my lineups together pretty quick.

    Is it important for the rest of the offense to know who the 5 guys are?
    Only important if they’re good. If they’re not any good it really doesn’t matter if you know who they are right away. But, yes, I know what you’re saying about getting them used to playing together, and I’d like to try to do that.

    Tony Romo.
    We have a chart that includes every 7 on 7 play. Every team play. And there’s an accumlative total of efficiency and I’ll look at everything. Not only games, but passing drills, scrimmages, competitive periods. Rating efficiencies in all areas.

    Did you call plays.
    Some of them. Didn’t work out too good. Next time we get in a 3rd 50, I’ll ask for suggestions. I’ve never seen it before in football. The ironic thing is we kept making plays to get back in. I asked Fairbanks standing right next to me if he ever saw it before, and he said “Not until night.” The entire sideline was chaos. We had 120 guys down there. It’s a cramped sideline to begin with. There were so many wires down there I almost triped over 4 times. We’ll get it thined out this week, I promise.

    Barnes and Bickerstaff
    Barnes shouldn’t be much longer. Bickestaff isn’t full contact, but he’s out there walking throuhg it. Spears and Ryan are the only guys who might take some time.
  15. dmq

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    If you listened to the press conference, you got the feeling that what everyone else was watching during the game and what Parcells was watching were two totally different things. It sounded more like Parcells is trying to figure out who is on the roster and who isn't. Who is first second and third string. I think he wasn't looking at anything that the Cowboys have been showing in practice as doing well, but he was looking at what they weren't doing well.
  16. morasp

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    With that, I would say that Thompson has all but made the team
  17. Portland Fanatic

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    Bledsoe forgot one minor detail...he needed some time to get that pass off :bang2:
  18. smashmouth

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    :lmao:I'm sure he would have thrown the ball earlier (Maybe you're right)
  19. jlust22

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    Parcells did say Pagel hurt his rotator cuff in the game and will be placed on IR. Sounds like a good deal for him considering he probably had zero chance to make the team and now gets a year's salary from the Cowboys. Also, Parcells said he wants his line-ups set by the third preseason game. He complimented Fowler saying he has always liked him and that he is very active on defense and special teams. He also is the biggest of the inside LB's they have. He thought Canty, Ratliff and T. Johnson all did a pretty good job on the DL.
  20. Mike 1967

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    This actually gives me a lot of hope.

    I feel much better after reading this comment from BP.

    The Cardinals appeared to be very stout on the Defensive Line. I don't know how realistic to expect success running against an 8 man front. It's not like we were running against Texas Techs defense.

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