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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Sep 8, 2005.

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    Anyone listen to the PC? If so could you please recap?
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    I missed the first 10 minutes of it.

    Sean Payton calling plays.
    . I just try to remind him of things. I try to make the operation different and better. When you see a better way to do things, you have to look at everything. I’ll be involved don’t worry. He has a good idea of what I want to do. He knows now. He saw the first year how that can work for you in a positive way when you don’t have a lot of ….. and then last year he saw how that can work against you when you put everything on just one player.

    Do other coaches influence your playcalling?
    Sure, they all have. Tony has. Mo has.

    When was the last time you didn’t call plays?
    Maybe my first year with the Patriots. It wasn’t a hard choice to make, I just think it will improve the operation a little. It isn’t a big relief where I have a lot more time for other things to happen, because I’ll be too busy in there giving my 2 cents in the offense.

    He’s coming along. I’m not sure who we’re going to dress.

    What if Sean feels like you’re bugging him to death and needs some space.
    Then he needs to do that. He needs to let me know I’m not helping, I’m hurting. And Ill either agree with him or disagree.

    Kenyon Coleman surpassed expectations?
    The defense fits him better, and he’s made the most of that. He’ll play a lot. I got three kids on that side, and I’m not afraid to play any of them. I got three nose tackles and I’m not afraid to play any of them. We got a good budding situation. They aren’t finished products, but I think they’ll all be contributors. He was a square peg in a round hole before.

    Is Crayton still on punt team leader?
    He’s in the mix. He’s playing. My expectations for him are high. Its an unnoticed and unheralded job that isn’t simple. Being a QB, he’s used to looking at fronts and counting players. It’s a leadership position. He’s tough.

    Crayton returning punts punts?
    Newman could return some too, depending on the situation.

    Any thought of moving MLB’s outside?
    We haven’t worked that very much. When we were at final cut with O’Neil, we thought about moving someone out there instead of trading for Fujita, but the inside position at preseason, especially in Bradie Jamess case, this is a better defense for him. He’s been playing well. So I didn’t want to mess that up. Shanle’s plate is already full. Nickel and special teams, he’ll be in 35-40 plays. Fowler is kind of a wildcard, in that he can relieve Bradie more readily, but he’d be less capable on the nickel.

    Can you activate all of those LB’s on gameday?
    Yes I could. Most of them are core special team guys. It’s the same thing every coach is going through, figuring out his best combination of coverage players. I’m worried about it. More than a little worried about it.

    Rookies bring enthusiasm to the team?
    Absolutely. I’ve seen it done. If a guy can come in and be a impact player, it inspires a lot of other guys. I’ve seen it close up. The 1981 team, the rookies were the dominant characters about 15 minutes after the season starter. Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law, they had a big, positive effect on the team. They’re just football players. Lawyer was a big hitter and inspired people.

    Quick turnaround in one season?
    If you have the right things in place. San Diego had uncertainty at the QB position, and Marty was very smart and engrained in them the right way to play to be successful for that group. You need certain elements. We’ll have to get good QB play, no doubt. The defense will have to grow up quickly. The field goal situation. I’m uncertain about a spot or two in the secondary. The corner position is better, no doubt. I got a rookie RT.

    Have the rookies brought you enthusiasm? More enthusiastic than last year?
    You get inspired if you think you got some guys who have a chance to be pretty good. Check on Monday.

    How much workload do you put on Julius Jones.
    I really don’t want to put 30 carries a game on him. That’s 480 too many. I’d like to keep it in the 250-270 range. Presently, I think we have enough guys to give him some relief. Maybe one of these guys will develop and we’ll get a nice 1-2 punch. SD developed a kid named Turner last year, and I don’t think they’d be afraid to play him if Tomlinson needed some relief. I think its very important today to have a couple of options at the RB spot. You’d like to have different styles, but our guys have more common traits. I like to use more than 1 for .

    Drew Brees?
    Gets the ball out quickly. Manages the game. Good play action passers. Can avoid the rush. Not a scrambler. I take my hat off to the kid. There were a lot of critics ,and he fought them off.

    Kicking situation?
    I feel better about the punting situation. We can expect a better performance from him. He’ll still spray a kick every once in a while. On kicking, one year I had 6 kickers I believe. Late 85-early 86. I had 3 in 3 weeks once. We won the Superbowl that year.

    Roy have to be a playmaker this year?
    Sure. I think we got to make sure we can get him involved. Roy is a good blitzer and does other things too as well.

    Newman punt returner?
    He’s got the ability to score with the ball with his speed. I think you could see them if they’re backed out in their endzone and they are protection conscious.

    Do these rookies have personalities?
    Definitely. They’re all different. That Johnson kid is fun. A couple are more serious minded. Others are more playfull. I think they got good personalities, really.
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    Thank you cause i also missed it
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    BP seems upbeat, despite the Burnett news. Thanks Roshi. You're the best.
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    "that Johnson kid" yeah and that Davis kid and that Crayton kid and that DeMarcus kid and that pettiti kid and.......
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    I also like when he said that he feels comfortable that Sean is making his play calling based on the whole picture (paraphrasing). A lot of laymans (myself included) seem to judge the plays called based on that play and that result. BP appeared to address the fact that play calling is more than just calling the right play at the right time. You have to take into consideration the series of plays ... whether you are calling plays to give your defense rest and things to that nature. I am so ready for Sunday, 3 p.m., CST.
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    Thanks as always Roshi.
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    Thanks for the recap IR.
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    thanks for the recap, Roshi. always coming through.
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    I have a really good feeling about this team. Their time may not be this season but SOON
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    He's very upbeat, and I think a lot of it is because he absolutely loves these young defensive linemen. I can't remember him gushing so much about a young group as he has this one. For him to say that he thinks we have a very good young group and then correct himself to "No, I know we do" is absolutely huge IMO. Johnson and Ratliff (besides of course Spears and Canty) must really be showing him something.
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    Classic !! :)
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    What's the news on Burnett?
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    The Newman punt return in the last preseason game brought back memories of Deion returning punts. He has that same glide speed - looks like he is just gliding through the coverage team - legs don't seem to be moving fast but he is just running past people. I don't know how else to explain it!
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    ",,,,,One year I had 6 kickers. Late 85 or early 86. I had 3 in 3 weeks once. We won the Superbowl that year."
    Vintage Parcells....if Im a kicker on his teams, I watch my back!!!
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    Goodjob inman

    I caught the first 10 minutes

    *Really like Ogbogu, can rush the QB, Hard working kid.
    *Cutting Thornton was easy, Nate Jones and Reeves are better, happens
    *Still worried about size at OLB - Particularly Als, He's just not a 3-4 LB but what am I going to do, Dial 180 Big 3-4 LB's? Not happening. I lucked out with Fujita - write that one done.
    *Thornton and Rogers gone - damper on 2004 draft? No, we did pretty good there and parlayed some of that into Spears. Heck - I was trying for weeks to get Ty Law in here - for that 2nd pick. Didn't happen.
    *Who's not going to dress? Right now its Henson. You'll know the others Sunday.

  20. lspain1

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    Do the guys on the team but who are not dressing get to travel with the team? Can they be on the sideline during the game?

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