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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Aug 29, 2005.

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    On a 53 man roster, you can't afford to keep insurance policies for every player who might get hurt.

    Tuna has certainly never done so before.

    Bill has said he might consider carrying five receivers IF the fifth plays specials...a clear message he is not too keen on lopping off a Thomas or a MBIII or a Walter for a receiver.

    I imagine Bill is much more concerned about depth at OLB than he is at WO..if someone gets hurt and goes to IR, then he can address it via trade or getting lucky with someone 'out there'..but in general, why pay big bucks for an insurance policy that A) you may never need, and B) will cost us a promising young developing player a la Copper or Crowder.

    And if it's Morgan who goes, you're still left with just one under 25 player..Crayton.

    I don't see the use in signing and keeping a "Pricey" fourth receiver of Warrick/Price level around...and there might be some cap reprcussions if Morgan is released.

    Key, Terry, Patrick, and 'the Insurance'.

    I am hoping that insurance slot gets filled by a developing player like Copper, and Crowder's specials ability keeps him hanging around as well.

    But there is no guarantee Bill goes five wideouts....he seems to very much not want to...too many guys he doesn't want to lose in positions he esteems more than wide out.

    And we need to get younger, do we not?

    I suspect an injured receiver is a bridge Bill will cross IF and when he has to, not one second before. But should some promising OLB shake lose, he's on him fast.
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    Players who just got cut normally will not be looking at big money, I think if Dallas wanted to make a move on Warrick or Price they could do so at a fairly decent price.
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    I read somewhere Price wants to get "paid".

    And I don't see either taking 'fourth' wide receiver money OR accepting fourth wide receiver roles. How often does your 4 get on the field? They're going to sit around and wait for an injury to climb to #3??

    If it came down to Warrick for the same or slightly more money than Morgan, then go for it. Even tho Quincy would figure as some kind of dead money, I suppose.

    At least Warrick can field returns. He would represent some value in that case in addition to the insurance/4th receiver angle.

    I feel very sure tho, it wont be Price, under ANY circumstances.

    His resistance to throwing a block is not one of those qualities Bill finds endearing.

    Just can't see either at their under 30 ages, accepting a 4th spot at 4th money...not in the limited multi receiver game we play, especially.
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    They also may find out you don't always get what you want! I agree with your assesment why Warrick could be the better fit and I see an argument why Price could be a good fit. Right now I like our 3 main WR (Key,Glenn and Crayton) after that I'm not seeing a lot from others and just hope the Cowboys do look outside to help provide better depth.
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    We'll see, Dooms, what kind of contracts they garner and if either agrees to play a #4 role ...neither of these guys will be out there too long.

    Both have something to 'prove' which I think would make their willingness to be buried four deep on depth chart even less likely.

    And one must never forget that wide receiver ego. ;)
  6. Doomsday101

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    I just think that both could be looking for a 1 year deal to show they have what it takes. Reality is they are not in a position to dictate much to teams about roles or paycheck and they will not find jobs outside of football that will pay as much as they can still make in the NFL. Old saying beggars don't b!tch. I agree about the ego but I also know both guys will feel once they sign with a team they can show enough to move up on the depth chart.
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    Well, we shall see, Dooms.

    I prolly overcomplicate things by automatically trying to figure what the other side's angle is, but what I see are: one just turned 28 year old and a soon to be 29 year old former starters who both wanted to be released because they weren't going to start.

    I'm one of them and I am running as fast as I can from a situation where a head coach has brought in two of his former boys..even if I don't read Antonio Bryant's bi-weekly 'favoritism" blurbs, I still don't like my odds.

    And tho this board feels it's only a queston of WHEN T goes down, I don't like those odds either..not from fourth down on a depth chart, I don't.

    I begged enough already..begging my way out of Cincy and Atlanta because I was demoted. I'm Price and I am thinking of that great year with Drew, but I also know Bill Parcells won't run an O I will thrive in, plus he'll ream my arse daily for my sloppy route running and blocking phobia. I tell my agent "I'm not in if that fat bastid calls". :rolleyes: "I hear he is insisting Drew throw underneath, and I won't get half the receptions that Witten kid will".

    I'm Warrick, with the great hypeeroo coming in and the underachieving tag for five years even more so I want to start and prove myself. 28 year olds knocked down to 4th are walking an employment tightrope...hence Quincy Morgan's angst.

    This is my chance to prove it was, choose one..the system, the coaches, the quarterbacks, the injuries.... but not me. Riding pine in Star City ain't for me either.
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    LOL, Herms...

    The only way I can see this is if Bledsoe really puts the sales job on Parcells and he buys it. But can Price do anything on special teams? Does he return kickoffs? If he's as shy about contact as LTN says, I can't see him being very good at that job.

    Morgan's hands may be bad, but one thing he will do is block and play tough.
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    That's what I have read over and over..his issues are lack of physicality and sloppy route running. I try to catch ATL as much as I can as I like Vick, and I haven't seen any relish for contact.. I've seen some wilting tho.

    Far as I know, he does zilch on specials - but neither does the guy he'd be replacing.

    Price IS a better receiver than Morgan, but he's gonna sit behind Patrick happily?

    I smell Bledsoe too.

    And it stinks.
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    Let Crayton and Price battle this out. Better play gets #3. Glenn and Key - we need depth and Price had a great rapport with Bledsoe.

    I like this angle a LOT - 2 months back I advocated trading A player for him. Now we get him free!
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    I agree, insurance if Glenn or Key or Crayton go down, and one of them is very likely to go down....ahem Glenn.
    PTI was talking about how if a WR can't make it with Vick, then he can't make it anywhere. I think they're full of crap. As a WR, why do you run your route hard if you know the QB can't find you and will take off running anyway or you always have to veer off your route because you never know where to expect the throw or half of all Atlanta big pass plays are broken plays that turn to sandlot football with Vick just heaving it? I think Vick is a WR's worst nightmare.
    I'd love to have Price and I think he's better than Warwick.
    Morgan = can't catch
    Price = can catch

    and it'd give us 4 viable WRs = depth and increase in talent.
    We have the money to do it PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss
    it keeps him away from the evil igglets.
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    Price was Buffalo's primary punt returner in '01. Obviously, when he started catching 900-1200 yards a season in receiving, they took him off of that.

    Wasn't Dedric Ward brought in as insurance as a #4 WR last year? And tell me again about what a physical presence he was in special teams.
  13. Nors

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    this quote was actually more on the money than your ellis for price trade:

  15. Nors

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    We get him for free - even BETTER!

    Future is Canty, Spears, Rat, Coleman at 3-4 DE anyway. He'll be a vet rotation guy this year. Then Ellis future is at ? forward big.
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    1999 Buffalo Bills 31 catches 393 yards 3 TDs
    2000 Buffalo Bills 52 762 3
    2001 Buffalo Bills 55 895 7
    2002 Buffalo Bills 94 1252 9
    2003 Atlanta Falcons 64 838 3
    2004 Atlanta Falcons 45 575 3

    2000 Cincinnati Bengals 51 592 4
    2001 Cincinnati Bengals 70 667 1
    2002 Cincinnati Bengals 53 606 6
    2003 Cincinnati Bengals 79 819 7
    2004 Cincinnati Bengals 11 127 0

    Price has one monster season in a contract year otherwise similar production

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