Penalties are down

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by viman96, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. viman96

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    Sure hope they keep this up. The last couple of year all the flags against Dallas drove me nuts.


    5 against the Giants
    5 against the Chiefs
    6 against the Rams

    2012 (only checked the first 5 games)

    13 against the Giants
    5 against the Seahawks
    13 against the Bucs
    2 against the Bears
    13 against the Ravens
  2. blackbull

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    You are right. I used to hate those false starts more than anything
  3. Little Jr

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    Lol 13 vs giants we win. 5 vs hawks we lose. 13 vs bucs we win. 2 vs bears we lose. Hmmmm
  4. jblaze2004

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    i noticed the same dang on thing. NFL conspiracy. Refs controlling the flow of the games.
  5. Yakuza Rich

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    It's the offensive penalties that are down that matter.

  6. Future

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    I feel like in the past they have had to work so hard b/c of poor fundamentals to not commit penalties that it caused some overthinking and that sort of thing. Now, not committing penalties is, I think, less of a burden and more second nature, so they can be more consistent with not committing them.
  7. iceman117

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    blow out
  8. Joshmvii

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    It's making a huge difference. Not having several false starts per game forcing you into harder and harder first down conversions makes a big difference.
  9. conner01

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    now if we can get the 3rd down conversion rate up we should be able to really do something on offense

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