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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Any way you slice it, it was a stupid move to give him the contract. He's not a $100+ million QB, not at his age, not when the team clearly needed to be rebuilt two years ago.
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  2. Beast_from_East

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    Of course the elephant in the room is who replaces Romo.

    Pointless to release him before we a replacement on the roster
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Why was it stupid? It's not like he is going to see all the money.
  4. DFWJC

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    Careful, you are so far over his head with comment that he may never come back.
  5. bkight13

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    I don't know about ticket sales but Dallas grossed over 500m last year.
  6. bkight13

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    Exactly, the last 2 years and 40m aren't real. They are there to absorb the pro-rations, just like Ware.
  7. Galian Beast

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    If you compare Romo's stats with Brady's you see that they are extremely comparable despite the fact that Brady has historically had one of the best offensive lines, whereas Romo has had one of the worst.
  8. daveferr33

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    Not disagreeing.

    But the Cowboys had no choice. They were tight against the cap and needed to sign Romo a year early just to get some cap relief.

    Remember, the Cowboys only had $51,005 of cap room before Romo’s new deal. His contract gave the Cowboys $5 million of much needed cap relief immediately by lowering Romo’s 2013 cap number from $16,818,835 to $11,818,835.

    If the Cowboys had managed the cap better, we would be sitting here with a soon to be 34 year old free agent quarterback coming off back surgery. My guess is he would be commanding much less than he did last spring.

    Mismanagement of the cap has real world consequences.
  9. Toruk_Makto

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    You knew Spencer was gong to require microfacture surgery?

    Can you give me the perfect bracket so I can win 1 billion dollars please?
  10. noshame

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    Compare our OL and receiving corp to NEs, do I need to tell you who's better?
    Brady gets the ball out to his primary into tight windows, something tony cannot do
    What happens if Romo's accuracy is worse this year and for whatever reason he cannot continue, how great is this contract then?
  11. jobberone

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    This stuff is all part of the team. You can't separate it and for the most part QB is going to be your main personnel expense; if you have a franchise QB....or if you think you have one. There's a lot of nuances to that. That allocation of resources affects your acquisition of more talent and keeping what you have. So I don't understand why you think that's not a concern. Perhaps I'm not getting the point though.
  12. jobberone

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    Where in the heck did you get the information to come to this conclusion? Brady has a better INT%.

    Brady has a 63% Cmp%, 2.0 INT%, and 7.5 YPC.
    Romo is at a 64.6% Cmp%, 2.7 INT% and 7.8 YPC.

    Brady's advanced passing stats are:

    96-123 Cmp%
    104-129 INT%
    86-125 Sack%
    102-148 Rate


    101-128 Cmp%
    88-128 INT%
    98-123 Sack%
    106-123 Rate

    As you can see their numbers are similar and except one year living in another galaxy Brady's been about the same as Romo. He's just played on better teams and I would say the stats don't show you the big rutrows which I think Romo has a few more than Brady. But don't think that Brady doesn't have his share. Also I didn't throw it up there but Romo and Brady are the same with 4th QCBs. Brady avgs about 3.5 GWDs per year and Romo 2.9.

    Putting the ball into tight spaces is subjective although I think a good observer can comment on it but only after looking at a lot of tape and knowing the route that was supposed to be run. Romo is a tad bit more accurate than Brady overall but your comment is more subjective for a fan.
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  13. 44cowboys22

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    Basically his contract is what it is..... The Broncos pay #18 $20mil.....Pats pay Brady etc etc etc. I hardly ever hear a peep from those boards about how they are strapped by the QB's contract. On here, it's like the pink elephant in the room.

    Did we overpay Romo to the point we can't operate? No....
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  14. noshame

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    really, I watch a lot of tape also and if you're talking throws over 10yds (in the air) Romo's accuracy isn't close, plus his receivers make spectacular catches. Not to mention defenders are closing on his throws over 10yds at a alarming rate. if you watch tape as you say, you must see this, if you don't, well that's okay. GWD is a nice stat, but I think failure on those same situations might be a bit more telling, and BTW 3.5 vs 2.9 are NOT the same.

    As far as the tight spaces, some QB's will throw a ball with a 1/2 yd of daylight and some cannot. It's not too subjective. Romo no longer tries too.
  15. Vinnie2u

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    I knew he wasn't worth 10 million for the second year in a row...
  16. OhSnap

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    I knew Brett Favre wasn't gonna get the Vikes to the SB but he was worth the money to them anyway just to increase their odds and because he was the best option at the time.
  17. Super_Kazuya

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    Nice delusional scouting report. Stick to Madden.
  18. jobberone

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    I didn't say I watched tape on him and I haven't this last year. But you can't say his passes aren't accurate if he's more accurate than Brady who was your standard. Throws over 8 years for Romo and 12 for Brady should have evened out with opponents play and such.

    I did say you would have to watch the tape AND know the route the receiver was supposed to run before you can say what you're espousing.

    As far as you knowing Romo isn't trying to throw the ball into tight windows then you'd have to know him which you don't. As far as seeing the ball get where it needs to be then I'll let his accuracy stats speak for themselves.

    Having said all that I think Romo doesn't see the field in the pocket as well as I'd like. I won't be too definite with that as I'm not standing back there and being pressured. And i don't have any knowledge of the play called or where the receivers are supposed to be. Romo is going to look where he thinks the receiver should be based on HIS read of the defense pre-snap. The receiver has to be on the same page. And defenses are NOT going to be where you thought they'd be because they changed it up to confuse everyone.

    You're welcome to your opinion and mind is no better than yours. These are the reasons why I think the way I do.
  19. ConstantReboot

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    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing!
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  20. yentl911

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    I don't think Romo has more than two season left in him to be honest. He is a beaten soldier. He has been pounded on week in and week out for the past several seasons and it is starting to take its toll. His mobility has decreased, arm strength decreased and he now looks gun shy at times in the pocket. I never saw him be that way before.

    He is a tough SOB but a body can only take so much.
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