People forget Parcells has done this everywhere he goes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jesusphreak, Dec 25, 2006.

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    Parcells had a great run with the Giants. After that, you know how many Super Bowl wins he has? None.

    People forget that Parcells has done this his whole career. For the Patriots, Jets, and now it is looking like the Cowboys...he'll go in, take a bad franchise, draft a lot of underrated players that nobody really talks about, lead them to a few playoff appearances in 4 years, and then quit coaching. It is only after another younger and more fiery coach takes over that the team really takes off. Edwards did it for the Jets and Belicheck has done it for the Patriots. Both of those teams have succeeded with Bill Parcells-selected players.

    Parcells is an excellent evaluator of talent. He also is generally very good at raising up good assistant coaches (Zimmer seems to be the odd man out here, but keep in mind that he was here before Parcells). He just doesn't seem to be the best about making adjustments during the game.

    So don't be surprised if next year we get in a young coach and this team goes deep into the playoffs. You can thank Parcells for that.
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    If not for wide right....he'd have only 1-ring.
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    Parcells 3 SB appearances came with Belichick as his DC

    Belichick was also with BP when the '98 Jets made it to the AFC Championship game.

    Since the 2 split, Belichick has won 3 Superbowls

    And since then, Parcells......<crickets>
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    Parcells sucks.

    The biggest mistake he ever made in Dallas was keeping Zimmer.

    He needs to retire, and Zimmer needs to be replaced.

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