People Who Died In 2013

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    People who died in 2013 but Will Always Be Remembered:

    Patti Page
    Conrad Bain of Different Strokes
    George Jones
    Corey Montieth
    Tom Clancy
    Elmore Leonard
    Paul Walker
    Peter O Toole
    Annette Funicello
    Joyce Brothers
    Stan Musial
    James Gandolfini
    Nelson Mandela
    Joyce Brothers
    Ed Koch
    Mindy McCready
    Van Cliburn
    Dale Robertson
    Roger Ebert
    Bonnie Franklin
    Lou Reed
    Phil Ramone
    Jonathan Winters
    Pat Summerall
    Jeanne Cooper
    Jean Stapleton
    Esther Williams
    Lily Pultizer

    If I have forgotten any or you would like to add someone here, feel free too! Hope you like!
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    Wow, Joyce Brothers really had it bad in 2013.... :)

    Here's a few you might have missed:

    Yusef Lateef (musician/singer)
    Ray Price (country singer)
    Joan Fontaine (actress)
    Tom Laughlin (BILLY JACK!)
    Jim Hall (guitarist)
    Eleanor Parker (actress)
    Frederick Sanger (Nobel prize x 2 winner)
    Doris Lessing (Nobel in literature)
    Mike McCormack (NFL HoF)
    Tom Foley (politician)
    Ray Dolby (inventor of Dolby audio)
    Frederik Pohl (sci-fi grandmaster writer)
    Lisa Robin Kelly (actress)
    Eydie Gorme (entertainer)
    Karen Black (actress)
    "Cowboy" Jack Clement (country singer)
    George Duke (jazz / pop musician / producer)
    Michael Ansara (actor)
    Harry Byrd (politician)
    Eileen Brennan (acress)
    David "Kidd" Kraddick (radio / TV personality)
    J.J. Cale (songwriter / musician - see "Cocaine")
    Virginia Johnson (research, with husband Masters)
    Helen Thomas (long time White House correspondent)
    Slim Whitman (singer)
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    I almost died (a couple weeks ago), does that count? Actually, my aunt did die earlier this year, so I'll add her.

    Sharon Ball (housewife)
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    Tommy Morrison
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    Pretty sure the list of people who died in 2013 and will be remembered is over 1 million. So get working on that list.
    Otherwise call it a list of famous people who died that you will personally remember.

    I only know a handful of names on either of those lists, and don't really care about or remember most of them. I could add a few names of people I personally know that died last year including a friend of mine, but I don't think that's the point of this list.

    Sorry, I'm in a bad mood and threads like these annoy me. Just ignore my negative post and move on.
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