Per Jerry: Garrett was really the OC last year

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Feb 23, 2014.

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    Remember where you heard it first.
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    Sad...just sad.
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    Memo to fans: Stop listening to him.
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    Yeah, Garrett is a walk around coach. He walks around while the other coaches coach.
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    well at least this means that the redzone improvement was because of him and not callahan so maybe he does learn with time
  8. TheFinisher

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    Another set-up job by Jerry and Redball to try and prop up Red's image by pulling the rug out on someone else.

    With Garrett in charge 6 years we were horrible in the redzone and efficiency, you announce Callahan is the new playcaller prior to the season, we see a huge jump in redzone efficiency and now you want me to believe it was Garrett's doing all along hahahahaha.
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    Based on what?
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    the thing is it don't matter as long a jones and jones are running the show you can hire coaches and hire coaches they will still run things when garret is fired they will just hire some other guy that jones can push around and tell him what to do
    just a cycle that goes on and on
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    :D One of the greatest management-isms I've ever seen. Right out of Dilbert.

    Personally, I like that Garrett was asserting himself in every area of the team rather than shrugging his shoulders like some former Dallas coaches. HC and OC are not equals. And our coaching gurus on defense weren't exactly creating acceptable results either.

    At least it's the Head Coach doing this. In the Switzer/Gailey/Campo years, it would have been Jerry.

    Garrett should be in everyone's business and trying everything fixed that he considers a problem.
  12. cowboyvic

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    Jerry needs to shut the hell up and go hide. 1 playoff win in going on 18 years is a disgrace..that's almost 2 decades. yet we hear this same BS from this fool every year. i am sick of his crap.
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    This is awesome.

    Red zone scoring up, Murray has his most productive"Bill is calling the plays". Bill gets unceremoniously demoted and it was alllll Jason despite years of evidence to the contrary. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
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  14. Alexander

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    He is building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. He is forging our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. He has our gratitude.
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    Well, I'm sure the plan was for him to turn things around.

    Doubt a trifecta of 8-8 seasons and getting swept by the NFCE in play-in games during week 17 was part of the plan.
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  16. TheCount

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    Garret's Ambiguity Tolerance is off the charts. That's reason enough.
  17. Richmond Cowboy

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    Someday, someone will write an insider's tell-all expose on this circus operation and it will be one damn good read.
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    Good counterpoint to a good point.
  19. Corso

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    I'll buy that book, for sure.
  20. Hoofbite

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    We can only hope.

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