Per Mort: Chip Kelly is the new Coach of the Eagles

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Bowdown27, Jan 16, 2013.

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    The problem I have with Kelly's offense is not its simplicity, I think simple offenses can work - though the best (GB, NE, NO) are very complex. My issue with his offense is that it is predicated entirely on speed. They line up and essentially say things like "our RBs will beat your LBs to the edge every time." In college that idea works, and it frees up lots of other won't in the NFL.

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    Well, I would argue that New England pretty much ran an Air Raid type offense back when Brady threw 50 TD's and they went 18-0. Whatever year that was, 2010?

    What's clear to me is that there is a spot in the NFL for an offense like Kelly's. You're seeing a lot more teams running spread variations and certainly a lot of teams borrowing concepts of the pistol and zone read offenses.

    I also wouldn't make the mistake of assuming Kelly is married to the exact system is ran at Oregon. He may have developed that because he saw nobody else was doing it. Who's to say what he has in the works for NFL defenses? All I know is the guy is an incredible offensive mind and I wouldn't bet against him figuring out how to keep NFL defenses on their toes even more than they already are.

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    So do offenses. That's why you're seeing teams have so much success with new offenses like the Zone Read and Pistol. And if defenses figure that out? Someone like Chip Kelly will have the next idea to throw them off.
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    He'd better draft a bunch of QB's..... they won't last long at the NFL level.
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    Hurry up and no huddle offenses have worked a lot in the NFL. The Bills went to 4 SBs with one.
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    There is a difference between all of these and today's NFL. Harbaugh and Pete Carroll have NFL experience. While Jimmy Johnson didn't, he also didn't join the NFL while there was free agency. Basically, players were owned by their respective teams. They didn't have a choice who they could sign with. Jimmy could basically say and do anything he wanted to his players without worrying about them leaving in FA. (notice after FA started, Jimmy Johnson basically stunk it up down in Miami)

    That isn't the case here. Kelly has absolutely no NFL experience. The way he will have to deal with players will be a completely different beast.

    Second, again. He has zero NFL experience and the game is a whole lot more than the college game. The offense and defense are far more complex. If he was smart, he would hire nothing but NFL experienced coaching staff. Especially for his higher ranking coaches like coordinators and primary position coaches.
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    The term football genius gets thrown around all of the time. Chip Kelly is supposed to be a football genius. Garrett was supposed to be a football genius. Same with Rob Ryan.

    I think the last true football genius was Landry.

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    This.We are back in the 80's/90's with a new Tampa 2 which is competitive against conventional offenses. I envision Kelly will be 80 yards up the field while Kiff is calling his first substitution. Kiffs D better be in awesome shape and his packages in sync with the game or we're going to be wiped out by the 2nd quarter, much like the saint/seahawk/chig/wash games. Imagine what Ryan would do against it? Flags flying all over the field for "too many players on the field". Sensebaugh jumping around peeing his pants calling all kinds of alignments.
    I hope we play Phili later in the season. By that time their QB will be hurt and we'll get a sense of what to expect. ohhh boy.
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    Someone needs to inform Seattle and Chicago that their defenses were only competitive against conventional offenses.
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    I wonder if Oregon is under NCAA investigation again.
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    ....pretty much everything you said is dead on. This magnifies the UTTER buffoonery of hiring Kiffin. Stat of the day: KELLY HUNG 62 ON GRANDPA KIFFIN THIS YEAR.....we're headed for the basement boys, that's a fact.:bang2:
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    Did anyone check Monte's diaper after the news broke?

    This should be fun, two college offenses against a guy who had no clue how to stop them.
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    With all of the turndowns as they have had I'm sure they pretty much had to give him a blank check
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    ............they are ABSOLUTELY headed for sanctions. Kelly is just as slimey as Carroll was when he bolted to the league and left U$C in a lurch:
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    I envision we improve our interception stats against the Eagles.
  17. morasp

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    It's a little harder to stack the deck in the NFL with the salary cap.
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    Man Chip Kelly lets see what he much hype for a guy who has done so little. He never has won a title at college level either.
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    great point
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    ........I don't think he'll set the league on fire: AT ALL. However, our hire of Kiffin is a JOKE and will doom this team next year. We won't win 7 games. I say 6-10 right now. I said 7-9 last year and was one game off. But then again, its' easy to predict our record: we are between 6-9 wins most every season now.

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