Per The Ticket: Josh Brent sentenced to 10 years Probation and 180 days in jail.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Jan 13, 2014.

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    This is much like I think. since he is a "friend" in this scenario (a friend to the Cowboys), then he gets a chance to redeem himself, especially since the victim's mother supports him getting a second chance...but, what if he were someone that you didn't know (from another team in this analogy) you think that he should get that chance or if you walked by him on the street, would you want to kick him?

    I can really see both sides of this
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    ...and you still equate football to war? Wow.:confused:

    I don't make a habit out of posting my particulars (or assignments), but my career started in Paris Island and I got free travel as well.
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    In other words, you were a cook or a clerk who just got caught running his mouth. That’s assuming you actually served at all, I know a million Marines (including my brother) and never met one that “didn’t post the particulars” of their service.

    And I never said the NFL was War, I used the phrase “go to war” about being in the NFL that the players use every day. If you actually did play college ball and serve in the Marine Corps (a big if) and can’t fathom that there is a bond between NFL teammates – it says an enormous amount about you. And at the moment it says I should put you on Ignore. No one else is replying to you, which tells me most people here have already.
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    Go ahead and ignore...please. I've known thousands of loudmouths like your kind. You get stuffed and you throw a tantrum and pound your highchair. I'll bet that mouth cost you alot of teeth...wait, you wouldn't say that to someone's face without choking on 'em. Perhaps we'll have a get together of Cowboys fans one day and we'll see how loud that mouth can get.;)

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