Perfect Dallas mock *Updated*

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheSport78, Apr 23, 2007.

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    1. Brandon Merriweather, S, Miami- In this scenario we trade down with the Saints at #22 to #27 and pickup an extra 2nd rounder. Merriweather will bring a swagger to the defense and can play S or CB.

    2a. Anthony Spencer, DE/LB, Purdue- Spencer is a playmaker and may fill that Shaun Phillips void that Wade Phillips had in San Diego. We can't put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to Greg Ellis returning to form. In my opinion, Carpenter is better suited for the inside so Spencer can split time with Ellis on the outside linebacker position.

    2b. Steve Smith, WR, USC- I know drafting a WR from USC may concern some people but Smith has a ton of upside.

    3. Paul Soliai, NT, Utah- He's the true NT that Wade Phillips is looking for. Over 340 pounds is nothing you want to mess with. He has work ethic and stamina issues, but he'll only be spelling Ferguson for now which means he'll be fresh most of the time.

    4. Allen Barbre, OT/OG, Missouri Southern St.- Dallas is high on this player and is moving up draft boards so we'll be lucky to get him here.

    5. Courtney Brown, CB, Cal Poly- I know Brown has been sliding up draft boards so he may not be here. But this is a mock draft so he will be there! Brown could be a second day steal for the Boys and would most likely replace Jacques Reeves for depth and could be a solid nickelback in due time.

    6a. Le'Ron McClain, FB, Alabama- Jason Garrett loves those athletic fullbacks who can run and catch the football. McClain has tremendous hands out of the backfield and fits the bill perfectly.

    6b. Jared Zabransky, QB, Boise St.- Makes poor decisions but other than that he has a lot of upside to be a solid backup for the Cowboys.

    7a. Dustin Fry, G/C- He can be the man who backs up Gurode at center and has the ability to play guard as well.

    7b. Walter Thomas, NT, NW Mississippi C.C.- Thomas is gigantic and is considered a project. However, he fits the bill of a NT perfectly at almost 6'5 and 374 pounds. Needs to lose some weight but with the right conditioning he could be a steal.

    7c. Anthony Pudewell, TE, Nevada- You just have to continue the Parcells trend of drafting a TE, right? No, but seriously we have Witten and Fasano which is solid. However, we have nothing behind them. Brett Pierce's career is probably over and Ryan Hannam is coming off a serious knee injury as well. Pudewell could be a solid #3 TE whose specialty is blocking.
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    I'd rather have Jason Hill instead of Smith.

    Why are we drafting 2 DTs. There's no way we will carry Ferguson & 2 DTs. It's either Soliai or Thomas.

    Finally the difference in value points between 22 and 27 is only 100 points. There's no way Saints will give us their 2nd rounder; their 3rd rounder is more like it.
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    I'd love for something similar to that to happen but I don't think it can. There's no way we get a second in trade for moving down from #22 to #27. A third, probably, but not a second. I think it's more likely that Meriweather will be there in the early second than Spencer. I think the only realistic way we have a ghost of a chance of getting both those guys would be for use to trade #22 and #122 to NO for #27 and #88. Then trade #53 and #88 to Atlanta for #39. (All these trades match exactly by the table, btw.)

    That gives us #27, #39 and #87 on the first day. Then we pick:

    27) Anthony Spencer, LB
    39) Brandon Meriweather, FS
    87) Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR
    159) Walter Thomas, NT
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    The pick values wont equate to us getting a 2nd rounder. The only thing we can get for moving down is a late third and in some cases a 4th.

    THe saints third round pick is worth 136 points, but the point difference from 27 to 22 is 780-680 = 100 so I dont know that they will give up that 2 to move up 5 spots.

    I hope somone does that would fantastic.
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    Both your 2nd round picks seem to be moving into the bottom of the 1st round.
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    I don't like your 1st round choice at all. There is speculation he may drop to the 3rd round over hsi off field issues. I prefer we avoid him altogether.
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    Not a fan of Merriweather...that not only would be a poor value for us there, but Nelson is the better FS IMO.

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