Perkins in round 2?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Verdict

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    I'd love to see us land Antonio Perkins in Round 2 of the draft. He was once considered an early round 1 pick. The guy has the tools to be a star.
  2. Tio

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    Hes a nickel back/good punt returner. Late 3rd at best...
  3. nathanlt

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    I think Perkins has been a forgotten player in this draft, and will be a good returner, no doubt. 3rd round is probably right, and Dallas won't have a shot in the third round unless they trade down. Perkins is magical in the return game, but Parcells pet project is to get small school return guys on the cheap. Picking a 3rd round pick that's almost exclusively a return guy (I've seen him play) is not a Parcells move.

    However, Josh Bullocks as a free safety in the second is just too perfect a match. His talent level is definitely round 2, and is the closest thing to Ed Reed, except for maybe Antrelle Rolle, and Dallas needs to draft a pass rush first. Then FS next priority in my mind.
  4. ddh33

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    I think the second is a little early for Perkins, and I'm an OU fan. He is being overlooked in this draft due to his injury this season. He still should be a quality corner. I think he's more of a cover-2 type though.
  5. Verdict

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    Perkins has round 1 talent. He is a much better player than Woolfolk (Sooner CB) who was drafted in the first round two years ago by the titans. Perkins is also an ELITE return guy, something Parcells covets. If Perkins goes in Rd 2 it will be a steal. If he goes in Rd 3 it will be highway robbery ........assuming hes healthy.

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