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    I get a kick out of this. A lot of fans (me included) are on high alert in regards to the Cowboys 'just missing' and having Jerry try to sell us on the ole "we're just about there now".
    *with the used car salesman wink*
  2. big dog cowboy

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    5-5? Hell no
    1st place? Yep
  3. JBond

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    It is the zone. People can tell tall tales and any questions are meet with a ban. Anything goes here until you upset the revenue stream. No different than JJ.

    I predicted a 7 and 9 season.
  4. kramskoi

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    They are right on the marker for me. I don't think they get Chicago or Green Bay at home (Rodger's should be back by then). They should get the Raiders with Pryor. That leaves the 3 against the division and I don't see them easily disposing of their late season nemesis in New York...they could easily lose that game with Lee out and a disheveled secondary. They better hope that Eli's arm stays bad for a few more weeks. Not a good matchup with their receiver corp. I see it as them needing 2 of the three, with Philadelphia obviously being one of the two. So pick your loss on the NY or at Washington. 8-8 finish. So can the Cowboys go 3-3 down the stretch? I think Garrett better make sure that they do, although I am not currently inclined to think he won't return next year. Another loss like last Sunday could cause me to reevaluate.
  5. kevm3

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    I'm more surprised that our division is this bad than anything.
  6. texbumthelife

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    Considering the teams we have played, and what each was expected to do going into the season--no I would not be happy at all with 5-5.
  7. dupree89

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    please allow me to be the 'glass is half-empty' guy to balance this out o_O

    we could be 3-7, too.
  8. Idgit

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    I'd have said that a lot can happen in the next 7 weeks, that the NFL season is long, and we're just going to have to wait and see how it turns out.

    Honestly, if you'd asked how I'd be with 5-5 and a share of the division given the injury list, I'd have taken that. The problem is, we've got to finish the last 6 games with most of the most significant of those injuries a factor the whole way. With Hatcher, Ware and Lee both hobbled, that's a huge order. If they were all back, I'd feel a lot better about our chances overall because nobody else in the East looks to be any good.

    And winning your division *is* significant, no matter how weak the division looks. That's your first measure of competition, it's how you qualify for the post-season to begin with, and you need to get that done if you're going to go anywhere at all.
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  9. dexternjack

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    Going to give you this award......


    Not sure anyone else can beat you out of things remain the same in Dallas :(
  10. Idgit

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    Cool, I guess. Though I've been on record for a long time with a list of things that I believe require attention.

    If it means anything, I'm also not one for replacing the transmission on my car when what's wrong is a busted radiator. I'd be the last man standing on that transmission repair debate, too.

    I'd rather see us fix the stuff that isn't working then generalize from the won-loss record that the problem is necessarily with the HC or the QB just because those are the most visible positions in the organization. (I left GM off that list because there's no point discussing a change that's never going to happen).
  11. funkytown

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    With Jason Garrett I mark this team down for 8 wins each year. So far everything is holding true to form. But usually we start out better, and falter in the end. I had us marked for 6-4 at this point, so I wouldnt have taken the 5-5 thing.

    I really think it will go down to the final game of the season against the Eagles. Deja Vu game. We will be 8-7 going into the final game, with the division on the line. We've all been here before right? Lets see if this is the year we can finally win that regular season playoff game.
  12. dexternjack

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    If you want to use car analogies, I can try. Dallas is a Ferrari on the Autobahn in a race. The cars owner and driver(Jerry) used to be an engineer but decided he wanted to venture out. He hires his buddy as chief mechanic(Garrett) who knows very little about race cars but does drive a Prius.

    The Ferrari is not performing up to standards.................. the car has balance and alignment issues, doesn't shift into 4th smoothly and leaks oil. Instead of addressing the problem to the chief mechanic, the owner fires the tire specialist. Does it seem logical to pass blame in this instance? We all know the driver/owner has no clue what he is doing yet he gives his buddy a pass and blames someone else who is supposed to address the problem from the chief mechanics instructions.

    Wow, I am bored and don't think this makes any sense. Carry on :(
  13. dupree89

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    Hey, you're one of the bosses here, so I am seriously say this respectfully. I don't wethrow around generalizations when it comes to Garrett. Think of the mistakes / poor decisions this man has made. I'll use the last game as an example. Him leaving Romo in the game late in the 4th Qtr to get sacked a few times was a complete disgrace. And its not just fans that think so. Chris Collinsworth wonders out loud "can someone explain to me why Tony Romo is still in the game?"

    And then a day later Garrett says : "in hindsight, I really should;ve taken him out".

    You mean to tell me that something as obvious as this, he couldnt make the right decision and pull the trigger? Just because Romo didnt get hurt, it doesnt mean it was okay. He makes some very bad decisions during a game.
  14. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    I don't think we're a Ferrari. And I don't think the problem with the team is the mechanic, using your analogy.
  15. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Lol. I'm staff, but not a 'boss.' I enforce guidelines, but like any poster, I appreciate the respectfulness.

    Leaving essential players in the game in a blowout loss was a mistake, for sure. I think you're stretching to call it a complete disgrace. It's enough to acknowledge it was a mistake. And Garrett definitely does make his share of game day mistakes. In my estimation, as much, or maybe more, than your average coach in this league.

    And he makes some questionable calls in games now and again. And I'm not taking about run-of-the-mill second guessing. I mean stuff like play action calls on 3rd-and-18 in the red zone stuff.

    And those things are getting an incredible amount of electronic ink here on CZ these days. But, honestly, I'd say 85-90% of the criticism I see of the guy is the same variety of stuff that you see said about literally every other head coach in this league by every other fan base. You have MIN fans puzzling over Leslie Frazier calling two timeouts on *defense* during a game-winning defensive stand. You have second guessing of Bill Belichick when he goes for it on 4th downs when people think he should now. You have Mike Shanahan playing an injured franchise QB when he should not. You have Tom Coughlin keeping a fumbling RB in the lineup after he single handedly hands us a victory in week one. All that stuff's valid to criticize, but it's not necessarily the stuff you use as you basis for evaluating your coach. If you look at it and see that there's a pattern, and that the number of poor decisions outweighs the number of poor decisions from other coaches in similar situations...or when they outweigh significantly some of the really good things the coach does, then you go ahead and make your position change.

    And I'm not going to document another time all the things I think Jason Garrett does really well. Those things have been talked about to death and none of them changed with the butt-kicking we got on Sunday.

    And I understand that JG only has so much time to fix the ship. That's as it should be, and this year or next is going to be all the time he gets. And as big a supporter of his as I am, that's appropriate.

    I stand by my take that this is one of the hardest jobs in the league to fill, and that Jason does as good a job as I've seen in recent years of managing our limited resources, handling the ownership, handling the press and finicky fan base, managing the draft and building a coaching staff and communicating a message. I don't think it's an accident that he's held in such high regard by his players, staff, and by people in the know around the league. He still needs to get the job done, and so far, he hasn't.

    And I know I'll get shouted down and lose an argument based on volume that should instead be based on reasons. But that's ok. I don't particularly care to change anybody's opinions on the matter. I'll change my own if I start seeing things that I consider to be actual coaching issues that are difficult or impossible to overcome. If he loses the team (not just suffers an embarrassing loss, but actually loses the team), it will be obvious that he needs to go. I don't think that will happen, but it's definitely a possibility given how thin the defense really is and given the inexplicable lack of success recently for our 3rd down offense. You can't win games in this league if those situations aren't addressed.

    As I said above, though, it's a long season. Just two weeks ago, things looked a lot rosier for the Cowboys than they did for the Eagles. That's all changed. And it will probably change another two or three times again before it's all said and done. I know people prefer to straight-line the current trends and finish their NFL seasons early. But the offseason is long and boring. I'm content to just see how it plays out and then make our adjustments--major or relatively minor--from there. As I said, we'll see what happens, soon enough.
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  16. birdwells1

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    Like we did last year.
  17. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Before the season I do not believe anyone thought 5-5 would be good enough for first place in the division.
  18. KJJ

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    I can't imagine anyone being perfectly content with a 5-5 record after 10 games regardless that it leads the division. A 5-5 record after 10 games points to yet another mediocre 500 season. The Cowboys were 5-5 last season after 10 games and were 6-4 in 2011 after 10 games. Leading your division with a 5-5 record points to a crappy division where none of the teams are playoff worthy. The Cowboys are in worse shape now than they were the last 2 seasons. The defense has been the worst in franchise history and may end up being the worst in league history by the end of the season.

    With Lee out for the next few weeks and Ware struggling with a hammy someone may break 700 yards of total offense on this embarrassing defense. The Cowboys are not only bending on defense they're breaking and it's been going on all season. The only way they can stop anyone is with takeaways. If the defense isn't bad enough the offense hasn't looked good since the Denver game. The Cowboys are going to have to win 4 of their last 6 games for Garrett to have his first winning season and I don't see that happening.
  19. jterrell

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    We are where we are.
    Why a fan thinks they get to determine the record is beyond me.

    We are 5-5 and in first place.
    You can love that, hate that or live with that. Doesn't matter one bit or change one thing.

    What does matter is how the team plays this final 6 games.
    And they SHOULD feel like they are in good position with ALL the goals of the season in front of them to be met still.

    Expectations of current Cowboys fans for current Cowboys teams are the silliest thing on the planet.
    They somehow imagine an 8-8 team with no cap space for major signings is going to magically become 13-3.
    Or they expect another 8-8 season but cry for everyone of the 8 losses anyway.
    It defies sanity at every turn.
  20. KJJ

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    As mediocre as the Cowboys have been under Garrett they've been in good position with ALL their goals in front of them and have managed to blow them. They've been in control of their destiny heading into Dec the past 2 seasons and ended up folding. With the defense as piss poor as it is and the offense sputtering I don't see that changing. The only thing they can hope for is that everyone in their division keeps dropping games enabling them to back into the playoffs.

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