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    This is really well said, and exactly how I feel about it. None of us wants to be in that situation, but getting out of it really was going to take us some time. And it's possible we're not actually on the right track. But I like what we've got going right now better than recent history and better than the currently available alternatives.
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    Well I am not sure what you personally have accomplished in life. However, Jerry Jones is a billionaire who owns the most valuable sports franchise in the world. He has also won 3 superbowls while owning this team. I am not from the Dallas area so my perspective may be slightly different than yours. Have you thought about all of the football teams that have still never won a Super Bowl? Maybe you have achieved a level of professional success that you have earned the right to judge an owner that clearly is passionate about this team. I can forgive the inconsistent results. I can forgive the miscalculations. I can't forgive the lack of passion I see from many owners who treat their team as another investment. How many owners do you see who are on the edge of their seats every game and are jumping around and cheering when the team does well? Most don't even go to the games.

    So I am not sure of your definition of "Man-crush". I call it respect and admiration.Similar to Mark Cuban. I love the passion for winning. I love that these guys bought a team because they are also fans. Sure it comes with ups and downs. But in the new NFL thats just the way we are going to have to adjust our expectations. Its entertainment and even though the team hasn't been on top in a long time I can say without a doubt that I am usually entertained.
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    I would say they have answers. But this is because I believe the question is slightly different. If you are looking for an answer to how to win with no cap space, playing 17 different guys on the defensive line, with injuries at running back and offensive line, ect then I am afraid that may be an impossible question to answer. This could be a question that no one likes the answer to.

    I am curious what answers anyone would give. Depth doesnt exist in this league. This is the ultimate team sport. The talent level around the league is all within a range that anyone can beat you. Look at the scores to the games each week. Not just our games. All of them. Think about how many times a game is still in doubt in the 4th quarter. Its almost every game. The margin or error is just too small and when your team is beat up it doesn't make it any easier. Plus every team wants to beat the cowboys. I would say that opposing teams get ore fired up to play the cowboys than any other team. They know the media attention we get. They know our players and coaches.
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    Being 5-5 and leading the division pretty much means we are just good enough to get booted out of the first round of the playoffs. Again.
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    This team is a complete mess.

    There is nothing I can look at with this team and see it as a glass half full.

    All I see after a 5-5 start is another futile 8-8 dissapointing season.
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    A one and done would at least get us back in the playoffs and get the younger players some post-season experience. We haven't even made it since the 2009 season.
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    Thought provoking responses. Thanks everyone. As I stated earlier, I believe the 5-5 record may be a blessing in disguise. It will keep everyone in that locker room and on that coaching staff on high alert. We don't do well when we're in a cushy spot. We appear to thrive when the odds are stacked against us (for the most part). Being 7-3 at this point would mean the media has been all over us giving us props for the first 10 weeks and the players heads would swell to epic proportions during a two week break. Much of that is on the current coaching regime for having no clue as to how to keep our players motivated and engaged on a consistent basis. Key word consistent.. The really solid teams find ways to triumph over adversity. It happens every year. That inability to triumph is our kryptonite.

    On the other hand, sitting at 3-7 at this point would equate to more conversation around next year at this point in time. I really think that 5-5 record is a blessing in disguise. This is not a sunshine pumping glass half full opinion. It is simply an observation.
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    This still doesn't make Jerry a good GM. Jimmy Johnson brought three Super Bowls to Dallas. Jimmy was the one smart move that Jerry made at the time. If you admire him, good for you. I am sure he is a good oil man, but he has destroyed the most respected team in sports with his ego and made it joke in the league. He is too proud to step down and let a quality GM take over because he wants the credit and attention if they ever win another Super Bowl. I hope he never gets it. He is a selfish egomaniac and if you want to respect and admire him as a football man, you need to study a real football man. Try Tom Landry. Landry forgot more about football than Jerry has ever knew and he represented this team with class and honor instead of acting like a used car salesman with a slick wink and a slimy smile.
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    The past 17 years would lead me to fell that .500 is about par for the course. As we take inventory of the parts within, some things are nice, others not so much. Strengths and weaknesses pretty much offset.

    A share of first place is swell, but this is not a position in which we are unfamiliar around the middle of November. Also, our position relative to the rest of the division speaks more to the environment and less to our performance.
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    I like first place in the division but I don't like .500. Dallas needs to figure it out after this bye week. The rest of the NFC East has been so bad that the Cowboys should've been running away with the division.
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    LMAO!! Sorry Bleu Star........

    FTR - Good thread.
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    They needed to win another one of those close ones.

    In reality though, they have not yet lost a game that they were favored in (unless maybe they were a light fav going into KC before veryone knew who KC was).
    I think they have won one game they where they were not favored; at Philly.

    So at least by the oddsmakers, they have done, win-lose wise, what was expected so far....maybe even slightly better.

    As a fan though, I think they should be 6-4 right now. So I'm a bit disappointed even with the inuries and 1st place tie.
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    At the beginning of the pre-season I said this was a 10-6/11-5 team if all projected starters (including Rat and Spencer) played a full season. I also stated that injuries to key starters could make this team 8-8/6-10. I am good (not happy) with where they are now.
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    The only good thing about your posts is your avatar...
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    Lmao. My fellow CZers are so amusing.

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    I'm sorry. I mistaken you for a Cowboys fan. You must be loving the 5-5 season so far. Chances are you will continue to get what you wish. I am glad that I want the team to win even if it means someone gets credit for it.

    Its amazing how many people have an anti Jerry and anti Romo stance to the point that they wish for the failure of the team.
  17. Bleu Star

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    I agree. That's taking it a bit too far. Despite my thoughts of the following:

    Romo's ridiculous 108 million contract
    Garrett's "interesting" coaching style
    Jerry's meddling

    I still want to see the team win above all else.

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    To be .500 at the bye is fully expected, but I don't think any fan of this team should be "content" with it unless they have enjoyed the lack of success experienced since the 97 season. If that is the case, boy have those folks been loving life!
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    At least you were a lil confused with him. We got some here who "claim" to be Cowboys fans yet bash all the time, and some online celebrities with 8 million followers who bash Romo at the drop of a hat.
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    to answer the OP, I had much higher expectations...I fully expected the rest of the division to suck, but I saw us more like 7-3 or 8-2 going into the bye and almost assuring the division title...of course, mauve (can't call him Red any longer, that is a strong color) can't coach, and couple that with injuries and I am sorely disappointed...there is some limited hope, but after the pasting we took in NO and our lack of depth with our injuries, I don't expect more than 8-8 and sneaking into the playoffs where we get pummeled in the first round....thus, mediocre and not the 12-4 (ish) that I saw coming

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