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    Not that it matters to you, but there is a big difference between being a Cowboy fan and being a fan that has made them into a joke. Jerry is not the Cowboys. The Cowboys are much bigger than that. I have been a fan since the early 70's, before Jerry entered the picture. I will be a Cowboys fan after he is gone which I hope is very soon. There is nothing about being a fan that requires support for a egomaniac that puts his need for attention over the betterment of the team.
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    I would have felt that 5-5 was too mediocre. However, if I knew that the Cowboys would be in first place in the NFC East (which they are) and hold a 3-0 record within the division, I'd gladly take it.

    I expected a far stronger NFC East than the one we've seen this year.
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    How do you defend the statement of playing well "when our backs are squarely against the wall" when this team has lost 'win and you're in' final games against two division opponents for the past two seasons?

    If anything, it shows the complete opposite.
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    As bad as our division has been, the Cowboys have been in 1st ( or tied for 1st ) the ENTIRE SEASON ( up til this point).
    Is it frustrating that our record could/should have been better? Sure. The fact that we've been in 1st THIS LONG gives hope.
    Most here expect us to do nothing this season anyway, so you may as well turn off the TV & go outside. I'll continue to watch.
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    What's more amazing is the fans who will lie to themselves about mediocrity being in any way acceptable.

    Or lie to themselves in thinking that because Jerry Jones made money in oil, he's an all-knowing genius in all areas.

    Rich does not ever equal smart.

    No fan ever wishes for this team to fail unless it's at a point like this where it's the only way they feel change will be made to break us out if a repeated cycle of mediocrity, which all facts clearly and indisputably show.

    If losses are what it takes for Jones to make huge changes in the way he does business, then so be it.

    Because we have 17 years of clear evidence that 'The Jerry Way' is a recipe for mediocrity.

    That evidence is indisputable.
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    Your sample pool is much smaller than mine. I'm speaking to the traits exhibited over the last several years by largely the same core of players and leadership. You're still smarting over the New Orleans drubbing and will probably also refer to the season ending loss last year.

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    Yes. Our record could have been better but it's not. Reality is 5-5 overall and 3-0 in the division. I suspect the Cowboys aren't drowning in sorrows trying to figure out what could have been. They're working through contingency to ensure they finish strong. That's what I expect. There is still plenty of story to be written this season.

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    Just be sure to refrain from looping me in with your thoughts on fans that accept mediocrity. Most have heard me often enough to know that the continuously mediocre seasons keep my blood pressure high and my fingers typing away. I created this thread because I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast thoughts now vs thoughts before the season began. My main contention here is that the story has yet to be written. We're on chapter 11 of 17. The story is just getting good.

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    I essentially don't care what our record is, as long as I see direction and improvement, which I don't. This team is so mismanaged and disjointed it's not funny. We are the same average, vanilla, boring team that we have been since Garrett took over. Winning the NFC East should be an absolute cake walk this year. Giants are only one game back in the loss column after starting 0-6............ pathetic.
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    I am starting to consider myself the luckiest man alive.
    My favorite football team sits atop the NFC East
    And my favorite lady was just told she is the thinnest babe to join weight watchers this month.
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    Did I expect it YES
    Do I accept it NO
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    In every story, the plot thickens. When it does, we tend to take greater interest in the storyline. The plot thickened in New Orleans last week.
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    Blue Star, I like your enthusiasm about being 5-5 heading into the rest of the season leading the division at 3-0. And, about other teams making a run to the SB after being in the same position.

    But, my good friend. This team is just not going on a run, like say the Giants did when they won winning the division with a 9-7 record and the the SB.

    I hate to say this, but the Giants and the Redskins are playing much better football right now after starting with losing records than the Cowboys are playing getting to 5 and 5. Hell, the eagles might just sneak past the Cowboys.

    Something is wrong with this team. And, I think it might just get worse heading into the rest of the season. The defense is devastated and cannot stop me and you in a pick up game. The offense is not going anywhere because of the defense, because you and I can stop it because it so predictable that even a blind man can see it.

    Now, unlike many, I am not going to lay blame on any one person or persons, like some do. But, on the other side of the coin, it is parity in the NFL. But if you think this team has a chance at a SB, much less the Division? Good luck with all that. I just cannot imagine this team coming out of the bye going on some winning streak.

    Saying all that, stay strong, bro. We will all find out the truth, and the truth will be played out.
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    There is something about being a fan that does want them to win every season even if that means the owner geets credit for being a football man. So you say jerry is not the cowboys (which I agree with) yet you have suchh hatred for him that your last post says that you hope he never gets the credit he wants. This means that you are hoping for failure from a team that you claim to be a fan of just because of the owner which you then claim isnt the cowboys. Kind of contradictory isnt it?
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    So a fan that accepts the fact that their team is mediocre is more unbelievable than the "fan" who actively wants his team to fail so the owner doesnt get his ego boosted? Really? Are you sure?

    Rich doesnt equal smart however it doesnt equal dumb either. Like it or not Jerry Jones is a very smart man. His success in life is impressive. Money equals freedom and Jerry is free. I am not. You probably are not either.

    The reality is the only thing that will change Jerry is to see a fanbase drop and empty seats. That isnt happening. You see unfortunately high profile stars (Romo, Dez, Ware, Witten) combined with 8-8 equals fans and a full stadium. This idea that arguing with each other on a message board and taking a shot a Jerry every chance you get doesnt equal what you want. If you want to send a message then do what we all know we cannot do which is turn off the tv, stop listening to sports radio, stop buying the Cowboys merchandise...But we can't. Why? Because we are entertained. Doesnt mean we are happy. But feeling pain is better than feeling nothing.

    Truth is all of us have more in common than differences. We argue because we care. The Kid Rock poster claims to wish for our failure as you have done....But the truth that you don't want to admit on a message board where you are arguing a point is that come sunday when the cowboys score you and I turn back into children and celebrate with anyone near us. We are celebrating with Jerry, and Tony and his big contract and hot wife. Because we are all Fans or we would have already tuned out.
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    It would be extremely difficult to find anything wrong with what you've said here. America's Team is America's Joke.
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    Seems like this year we can get leads but cant hold them , an improvement over playing from behind , but still
    Leaves us as fans wondering when the breakthrough will occur.

    To me, minus some overwhelming output by the O, coupled with continued scoring by the D we wont see it this year.
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    Which is partially why Aikman said publicly that Dallas has no homefield advantage. So many of the people going to the games are not diehard fans. They arent people that live and die with the Cowboys. A good chunk of the people in attendance are there to see and be seen. The actual football game is secondary. And that is why no teams are intimidated to play there.
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    We can make 5000 threads about our expectations, who we like, who we hate, etc.. It's not going to change who we are. It's up to the front office down to the players to decide who they are going to be. I didn't think they were going to be that good. I don't need to go in to it, I think you guys know where I stand and who I think (player wise) is the main cause, but ultimately, until things are broken up and rebuilt with a solid philosophy, we will hang out around average.

    Average sucks because you still think you're a couple of players away. And no matter who you bring in, they get swallowed up in the black hole of mediocrity.
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