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    At least for this year, it's clear this team will only go as far as the offense (with a little help from special teams) will carry the defense.
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    Before the season started and if I knew we would be 5-5 and first in the NFC East, I wouldn't be happy. At 5-5, it plainly shows that this team has not improved. Stagnant is not a direction. Even if we win the division at 8-8, there's nothing to celebrate unless we win a playoff game. At 8-8, you don't win the division, you get awarded the division. They might as well give out participation ribbons.

    But seeing how we got to 5-5 makes it so much worse. Other teams in the division seem to be improving and this team is not.
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    I definitely agree with you on a great many points, we are all fans and ultimately want success for our team.

    But where I will disagree is the part about giving Jerry my money. He still gets my time, but he doesn't get my money. I've been on a Cowboys boycott for over two years now. I haven't paid for a thing that gies into Jerry's pocket.

    Even a game I attended last year was comped.

    Any I don't agree with the money = happiness/success/intelligence thing.

    I am rooting for change, change that will only happen through short-term failure. If it takes losing for one season to change the culture for the better long-term, I'm ok with that.
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    Well that's encouraging. NOT.
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  5. Bleu Star

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    So, in general, what I hear is that the team continues to dwell in that middle space we commonly refer to as mediocre. What is prohibiting us from getting over the hump? For the record, I don't blame any one person (coach, player, GM, or otherwise). I think it is a systemic issue that requires a collective shift into a different area of mental comfort.

    I still think the last 6 chapters of this story won't end up being three great chapters accompanied by three snoozers. The team is not mentally comfortable right now. They're not 7-3 and sitting pretty over the long bye week. As much as we would all love to see them there, they have historically not performed well when expected to do so. Every day has probably been agonizing because, as the end of the day, no one enjoys losing.
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    Not going to disagree with that. Just the way I see it unfortunately.
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    Being in first place, despite owning a 5-5 record, isn't anything to be "perfectly satisfied" about in my estimation of what's acceptable for this team. It's merely average and that's something that fares poorly in terms of living up to what the Cowboys' proud tradition requires. Considering this team's current situation, I believe we'll be fortunate to break even over the next six games. The other teams in our division are improving significantly while we're doing just the opposite. I'm far from being perfectly satisfied and much closer to being disgusted.
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    For me, fatigue has set in and I'm less hopeful with each passing year because the GM, who I used to vehemently defend, never progresses. I used to give him a pass because he was obviously passionate about his team and I assumed he would learn on the job... what a monumental disappointment that turned out to be. I do find short-term enjoyment in the few games we win over storied rivals, but even that has been eclipsed by the shocking perennial dysfunction.

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