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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 20, 2009.

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    I was playin' around with the boys on another forum, and suddenly thought that with all this talk about "pet cats", we ought to start a thread where the regulars could post their personal pet cats... I propose that we limit it to 5 or 6 players tops, preferably players that will be found as you move down the draft, not all in the first or second round... I'll kick things off:

    Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma-- the best interior lineman in this draft...

    William Moore, S, Missouri-- 06 and 07 were more accurate gauges of his talent than 08 was...

    Jarett Dillard, WR, Rice-- playmaker...

    Roy Miller, NT, Texas-- because I love me some Horns, and it's my list...

    Quan Cosby, WR/KR, Texas-- the second coming of K-Mart...

    Brice McCain, CB, Utah-- speed kills...

    So, who are YOUR pet cats??
  2. SLATEmosphere

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    Jason Phillips-Scrappy guy that is just a team guy and hard worker. The next Zach Thomas

    Lawrence Sidbury-His spin move is deadly and an above average pass rusher to go along with Spencer and Ware

    Larry English- Reminds me of D-Ware. he'll be a 8-10 sack guy his whole career in a 3-4

    Louis Delmas- can roam centerfield and lay the lumber if needed. Imagine Bob Sanders never getting injured. That Louis.

    Hakeem Nicks- Perenial Pro-bowler IMO and just inhales balls thrown to him. snatches the ball with his hands and physical WR that can break tackles.
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    I just have a bunch of players I like, no real guy that I will bleed for

    I'd say I really want Vandy CB DJ Moore, South Carolina WR Kenny McKinley, Arizona WR Mike Thomas, Alabama FS Rashad Johnson, Norwestern DT John Gill, VTech CB Victor Harris
  4. Woods

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    D Veikune

    P Kruger
  5. BAT

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    You da man!
  6. BAT

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    It's all about playmakers! Greatness is playmakers + intangibles!!

    C Alex Mack, California - the best C in the draft, perfect for Houck's scheme AND Romo friendly!!!

    LB Paul Kruger, Utah - fiery & tough leader; explosive first step, instincts & awareness make up for his average 40 time; football IQ, size & athleticism to transition & excel inside

    S Pat Chung, Oregon - hard hitting & surest tackling DB in the draft; leadership, smarts, speed & proven playmaking; always around the ball

    DL Mitch King, Iowa - violent & active hands, intensity, leadership, outstanding technique, amazing first step, high motor, high character, most dominant DL in the Big 10_while I absolutely love his attitude, he is a playmaker & could immediately impact D in many ways: goal line MLB, nickel DL, ST, on field & off field leadership

    ILB Jason Williams, Western Illinois - small school stud who consistently produced & lead his team/league in every phase of the position: TFL, Sacks, FF, tackles (3rd in league) & coverage stud; on field production backed up by measurables: 6'1 245 4.46

    FB/H-Back James Casey, Rice - most versatile & devastating offensive weapon last season, scored multiple TDs at RB, QB, WR, TE; production matched by his work ethic, motor, toughness, character & team first attitude; 40 time is not exceptional but amazing body control, hands & very physical after the catch_very strong & explosive

    OLB David Veikune, Hawaii - looks to seperate ball carriers & QBs from their heads, nevermind the ball; great first step, strong as a bull, can leverage the edge, quiet on & off field, but plays w/an physicality and nastiness; explodes into tackles; plays faster than he times

    LB Zack Follett, California - fiery & ferocious tackler (top 3 most explosive hitter in NCAA), double digit sacks as a first time 3-4 OLB; super versatile & productive, double digit TFL as 4-3 MLB, 4-3 OLB or 3-4 OLB; motor never ever stops

    CB/S/KR Lardarius Webb, Nicholls State - blazing fast (4.35), physical & fearless against the run; super aggressive agains the pass; playmaker at corner, safety or returner; super confident

    I also like C Eric Wood, C Max Unger, DL Sammie Lee Hill, NT Roy Miller, DL John Faletoese, OLB Stryker Sulak, WR Mike Thomas, WR Johnny Knox, OG Roger Allen, CB Brice McCain, FB Marcus Mailei for similar reasons_proven playmaking + intangibles

    Not pet cats, but both Connor Barwin & Michael Johnson intrigue he heck out of me.
  7. Dash28

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    Delmas FS
    Robinson OG
    Nicks WR
    Sidbury (34 OLB)
    English (34 OLB)
    Dilliard WR
    Thomas WR
    Sammie Hill NT
    Brinkley ILB
  8. Zaxor

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    Robiske, Phillips, Shaughnessy, Brinkley & Tupou (as a Guard, not tackle)
  9. Woods

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    I really hope we take one of these guys.

    I don't think we've shown interest in Kruger, but we have shown interest in Veikune.

    I don't think that Veikune will last until our 1st 4th round pick, though.

    I don't mind taking him at 69.

    Or maybe even trade down 5 spots in Round 3 and take him then.
  10. Woods

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    I think it was JJ who said that this year we're going to focus on drafting football players, not athletes. (Though I think we did a nice job last year of doing that as well.)

    If that's the case, hopefully we draft at least one of your guys.
  11. SDogo

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    I'm not so sure I have "pet cats" as I do a wish list by position. If Dallas could come out of this draft with a handful of these guys I would be very happy.

    The bolded names are the ones I guess would be considered my "Pet Cats"

    Stephen McGee-Texas A&M
    Mike Reilly-Central Washington
    Rhett Bomar-Sam Houston St
    Chase Clement-Rice

    Ian Johnson-Boise St
    Devin Moore-Wyoming
    Antone Smith-Florida St

    Tony Fiammetta-Syracuse
    John Crone-Richmond
    Eric Kattani-Navy

    John Phillips-Virginia
    Richard Quinn-North Carolina
    Zach Miller-Nebraska-Omaha
    Travis Beckum-Wisconsin
    John Nalbone-Monmouth NJ (my cousin:p:)

    Tiquan Underwood-Rutgers
    Mike Wallace-Mississippi
    Aaron Kelly-Clemson
    Brain Robiskie-Ohio St
    Dominique Edison-Stephen F. Austin
    Hakeem Nicks-North Carolina
    Johnny Knox-Abilene Christian
    Deon Butler-Penn St
    Derrick Williams-Penn St
    Sammie Stroughter-Oregon St
    Brooks Foster-North Carolina
    Dudley Guice-Northwestern St
    Julian Edelman-Kent St
    Tommy Breaux-Towson

    Lydon Mertha-Nebraska
    Joel Bell-Furman
    Jamon Meredith-South Carolina
    Gerald Codogan-Penn St
    Sebastian Vollmer-Houston
    Andrew Gardner-Georgia Tech

    Brandon Walker-Oklahoma
    Andy Kemp-Wisconsin
    Kraig Urbick-Wisconsin
    Duke Robinson-Oklahoma
    Herman Johnson-LSU
    T.J. Lang-Eastern Michigan
    Louis Vasquez-Texas Tech
    Chris Jamison-Troy
    Lance Louis-San Diego St

    A.Q. Shipley-Penn St
    Eric Wood-Louisville
    Blake Schlueter-TCU
    Dallas Reynolds-BYU
    Rob Bruggeman-Iowa

    Chris Baker-Hampton
    Roy Miller-Texas
    Dorell Scott-Clemson
    Khalif Mitchell-East Carolina
    Myron Pryor-Kentucky
    Sammie Lee Hill-Stillman
    Ra'Shon Harris-Oregon
    Corey Irvin-Georgia
    John Gill-Northwestern
    Antonio Dixon-Miami Fl

    Jarron Gilbert-San Jose St
    Lawrence Sidbury-Richmond
    Brandon Williams-Texas Tech
    Will Johnson-Michigan
    Everette Pedescleaux-Northern Iowa
    Jeremy Navarre-Maryland
    Rhyan Anderson-New Mexico St
    Desmond Bryant-Harvard
    Josh Gaines-Penn St

    Marcus Freeman-Ohio St
    Zack Follett-California
    Larry English-Northern Illinois
    Clint Sintim-Virginia
    Jason Williams-Western Illinois
    Dan Skuta-Grand Valley St

    Jasper Brinkley-South Carolina
    Dannell Ellerbe-Georgia
    Gerald McRath-Southern Mississippi
    Jason Phillips-TCU
    Darry Beckwith-LSU
    Antonio Appleby-Virginia
    Spencer Adkins-Miami Fl

    Kevin Barnes-Maryland
    Bradley Fletcher-Iowa
    Lardarius Webb-Nicholls St
    Sean Smith-Utah
    Alphonso Smith-Wake Forest
    Keenan Lewis-Oregon St
    Gregory Toler-St. Pauls
    Brice McCain-Utah
    Tony Carter-Florida St
    Michael Ray Garvin-Florida St
    Jason McCourty-Rutgers
    Jamar Love-Arkansas
    Reggie Jones-Portland St

    William Moore-Missouri
    Chip Vaughn-Wake Forest
    Michael Hamlin-Clemson
    Al Afalava-Oregon St
    De'Von Hall-Utah St
    Bryan Williams-Akron
    Anthony Scirroto-Penn St

    David Burton-Notre Dame
    C.J. Spillman-Marshall
    Darcel McBath-Texas Tech
    Rashad Johnson-Alabama
    Chris Clemons-Clemson
    DeAngelo Willingham-Tennessee
    Nate Ness-Arizona
    Carldayle Brantley-Florida Atlantic
  12. dbair1967

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    Except Delmas actually has some history of making plays on the ball, and Sanders doesnt.

    If Delmas truly is the "next Bob Sanders" I want to change my mock, because I dont want that player. I want someone who can actually make plays.
  13. silverbear

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    Seems like all of your pet cats are first or second round prospects (except Phillips)... that's the easy way out, ol' buddy, don't you have any pet cats likely to go in the middle to late rounds??

    Not that the players you mentioned are unworthy of pet cat status, you understand... there isn't a player on that list I don't like...
  14. silverbear

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    A nice, eclectic list... I like Gill a lot, that's a good call... I see him as 3-4 DE...
  15. silverbear

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    Aren't any of you Delmas fans disturbed by the scouting reports that say he's been burned by play fakes a LOT??

    And from what I've read, the guy will put the lumber to ya, but he's not really all that great in coverage (perhaps because of the biting on play fakes thing)... that sounds like a smaller Roy to me...

    I keep hearing the Boys really like him, and I keep wondering why... can anybody offer me a take on what he would bring to the Boys, to make them so hot for him??
  16. Hostile

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    I am loaded with pet cats.

    Daniel Hotlzclaw, ILB, Eastern Michigan

    Sean Smith, FS, Utah

    Mike Thomas, WR/PR/KR, Arizona

    Dallas Reynolds, OG, BYU

    Lawrence Sidbury, DE/OLB, Richmond

    Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State

    Chase Holbrook, QB, New Mexico State (the only QB who has not been in my mocks)

    Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma

    Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

    Chase Daniels, QB, Missouri (as a UDFA project)

    Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon

    Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

    David Veikune, DE/OLB, Hawaii

    Mitch King, DT, Iowa (I wish he fit the 3-4. Love his football motor.)
  17. Woods

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    Let me try to give you my unbiased view (unlike some posters :) ).

    First, according to several guides (as I'm sure you know), there is wild speculation among Chung, Delmas, and even R Johnson ratings on who is better.

    NFLDraftScouts, for example, had Chung rated slightly higher than Delmas.

    I'd have to say though that all in all the consensus is that Delmas rates slightly ahead of the other Safeties.

    Why I think the Cowboys like Delmas is that he can play both the pass and run (though some scouts have pointed out that he doesn't take great angles), and that he is interchangeable between FS and SS - and that fits what the Cowboys are trying to do going forward it appears.

    Also, his play at the Senior Bowl, I believe, was very good and matched his consistency in college (even though it was versus inferior competition relative to his draftable peers). He does have hands for the interception and can play the deep ball - probably better than Chung.

    Interestingly, Delmas, Chung, and R Johnson are all roughly the same size, and their 40 times are roughly the same (they are all 4.5 40 guys).

    Anyway, I'm sure many will disagree with me on my analysis.

    Personally, I'd be happy with Delmas, Chung, or R Johnson.

    EDIT: I'd also add that I think that Chung may be better than Delmas versus the run, but Delmas and Johnson may be better than Chung versus the pass.
  18. Woods

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    It appears many of us like Veikune. I really hope we get him.

    I'm torn on Sidbury. It seems his sack production, for example, was sort of on and off. Like versus Montana, I believe, he had around 3-4 sacks, or about 25% of his total for the season. Maybe I'm just being too picky . . . . but I've read several times that for a guy with Sidbury's measureables, and who he was playing against, his production should have been much greater.

    I can't say I watched his games though, just highlight clips.

    Love to get your opinion on him, Hos.
  19. Spectre

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    WR Kenny Mckinley....
    "here kitty, kitty, kitty..."

    Like Mike Thomas, too.
  20. Chris in Arizona

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    any USC player.

    Just kidding.

    I really want Sean Smith, Louis Delmas, or Brian Robiskie at #51.

    As far as the rest of the draft, my pets would be:
    Mike Thomas WR Arizona
    Herman Johnson G LSU
    Antoine Caldwell C Alabama
    Hunter Cantwll QB Louisville

    I'm also hoping we grab Michael Ray Garvin from Florida State in the 7th round or sign him as a UDFA.

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