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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Here's the exact quote:

    Where did I say you were a weasel?? I merely identified weasel-like behavior, and cautioned you against it... it seems that among your other character defects, your reading comprehension is sadly lacking too...

    But hey, report me to the mods, if you're so wounded... of course, they might read the entire thread, and you have some violations of your own in here...

    In fact, with your snarling insults, it's beyond hypocritical for you to complain about being insulted, even if you were...
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    Sometimes posts are just so STUPID that you don't feel like responding to them... in this case, the stupidity is you complaining about personal insults when you've been slingin' 'em right and left...

    Again, that's rather weasel-like behavior...
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    What an unfortunate waste of an education going on right here. :D You told them how to express their ire w/out getting negative mod attention, now you are dropping example after example. I doubt it will sink in.

    Some kids just don't take well to learnin.:D
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    we don't need no...ed-u-ca-tion

    TEACHER! leave those kids alone!

    knowledge we be spittin', keep hittin', leave their heads spinnin', give their brain an aneurysm, little children...
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    Jairus Byrd - He can play deep Safety in Wade's Nickel and he can return punts from day one.

    Brandon Tate - He can push Hurd and Stanback for the 4th WR spot and he can return punts.

    Greg Toler - Could be the next DRC, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Should still be there in the 4th round. Needs to be coached up.

    Dorell Scott - True NT who will be availale in round 3 or 4.

    FA QB's - Drew Willy & Jason Boltus.
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    Going into 2008, NFLDS rated Moore the top free safety in this draft, the 7th player overall... he would have been a top 10 pick if he had come out last year...

    Delmas was rated the 11th best FS, and graded out as a 6th or 7th rounder...

    Then Moore got hurt, wound up missing 2 games and part of 2 others... that's the ONLY reason he's not still the top-rated safety in this draft...

    And regarding Slate's assertion that Delmas was better in coverage, once again that doesn't square with the FACTS-- in spite of being hurt his senior season, in spite of playing at a higher level of competition, he had 11 career ints, to Demas' 12... but he also had MORE passes defensed, 22 to 18... I don't see a whole lot of difference between the two when it comes to coverage, and if I may be permitted to express an uniformed opinion, I'd wager that Delmas gave up more TD passes over the course of his career than Moore did... I don't know where to go looking for that stat, though, so I will be honest (unlike Slate has been with his opinions) and admit that is just my subjective opinion...

    And yet again, Slate spews an uninformed opinion, and expects us to accept it as fact...
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    Hey, I'm just one bear in a world full of bears, there's only so much I can do... :D

    BTW, I ended up barbequing some ribs, the chicken didn't smell quite right... LOL...
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    A nice list, DC, though I'm skeptical that Byrd has the speed needed to play in the NFL... I'm keeping an open mind, maybe he was hurt when he ran for the scouts...

    It's hard to believe how far and how fast Toler has risen the draft boards, isn't it??
  10. Yeagermeister

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    That shouldn't be hard to do
  11. Canadian BoyzFan

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    Duke Robinson
    Jason Williams
    Rashad Johnson
    Terrance Taylor
    Louis Delmas (I don't see him being a Cowboy though)

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    Why is it that every year we have two or three know it all punks ruin this draft board ? I log on this morning excited to read through 23 pages of pet cats , only to have to skim through 20 pages of BS . God it makes me want to choke some of you guys . There's a private message link guys...use it !
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    He's got size and speed.

    Most NFL teams would rather go after a small school kid who has the potential to get much better than a big school kid who has already plateaued.

    Once a team sees that he has on field numbers to go with his measurables than he's going to get some workouts.

    Dennis Thurman liked him and that's good enough for me...

    Dennis Thurman, the defensive backs coach for the New York Jets, had neither a highlight DVD nor an extensive scouting report on Greg Toler, the player he was about to see at Wilson High School on Monday. Thurman had heard only that he was fast.

    "I was talking to another scout at the combine, and he told me about this defensive back from a tiny D-II school that ran a 4.37 40," Thurman said before he met Toler, who played college football at Division II Saint Paul's in Lawrenceville, Va. "I'd never seen the kid play, not even on tape."

    When Toler walked into the Wilson athletic director's office, where Thurman and Ravens defensive assistant Roy Anderson were waiting, he politely introduced himself and sat down for a brief interview. Thurman asked most of the questions because Anderson already knew Toler.
    Then came the workout.

    "I know you're fast," Thurman said, "but I want to see if you can play."

    Toler backpedaled quickly on the Wilson field and began a series of agility drills. The scouts wanted to see how Toler opened his hips going to the left and then to the right. They wanted to see how quickly he changed direction and how he came up on the ball to defend against the run.

    After running Toler through a workout that lasted roughly 30 minutes, Thurman seemed pleased.

    "The kid's good, but he's raw," he said. "He tracks the ball really well and has some good ball skills. The little technique skills that he doesn't have yet can be picked up."

    No scout wants to overlook a potential contributor in his team's own region, and the Redskins apparently did their research before just about anyone.

    "We went down and saw him play in the fall," Scott Campbell, Washington's director of player personnel, said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. "If a region scout is doing their job, they'll find a kid like that, especially if he's in your own backyard."

    Campbell declined to comment when asked what the Redskins liked about Toler. But he did say: "He's got the measurables. The biggest question on him will be how he is able to go from being a big fish in a small pond to being a fish in a pond where everyone's as big and fast as he is."

    Prior to his workout at Wilson, Thurman asked Toler if he was comfortable working out alone -- an environment sure to emphasize any misstep. After stocking department store shelves four years ago, the relatively unknown prospect wasn't about to complain.

    "Nah, coach, I'm used to it," Toler said with a slight smile. "Every workout I've been on I've been alone. I'm a cornerback. I enjoy being on an island, and being from a small school I'm used to having to work harder to stand out."

    That's the atttitude a CB has to have. He's on an island and he knows that he has to work harder to show up because he's from a small school.
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    1. Mitch King
    Rashad Johnson
    Jairus Byrd
    Chris wells (not for us)
    Hakeem Nicks
    Brian Robiskie
    Rudy Carpenter
    Travis Beckum (WR)
    Connor Barwin
    Worrell Williams
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