Peter King: Jason Garrett's best day as a head coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coy, Dec 10, 2012.

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    And if we have a false start or a hold we are kicking from 50

    How is it the same coaching job?

    They were completely different situations and yesterday everything he did in the last minute was by plan.

    You really think he planned the last minute in Baltimore?
  2. Risen Star

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    Man are you off base. I didn't say coaching doesn't matter. I'm saying good coaching doesn't matter when the talent is bad.

    If I need to be blunt, no coach on this planet can run the offense we all want to see with this slop along the offensive line. Nobody. Talent matters. Blaming the coaching is a cop out. Remember how Bill Callahan was going to come in here and improve the OL? How'd that work out? He can't because he doesn't have the pieces to do it. Like Houck before him. And until that gets addressed no intelligent football fan should expect an effective offense in Dallas.

    Upgrade the OL in the offseason and watch how much Garrett has "improved" as a coach next year. It'll be amazing to see. He finally gets it now.
  3. CalCBFan

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    I hate to say it, but after their great emotional win last week, the Chiefs lost yesterday 30-7 to Cleveland. These negative experiences are not helpful to moral in the long run...
  4. CATCH17

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    At least they would try to coach around it and do some things to make an aggressive defense pay every now and then.

    Garrett does nothing to take pressure off of these guys. He doesn't help the situation.

    Also it's funny how when we switch to a high tempo offense we put points on the board yet we never see that type of offense until we're just desperate.

    Great coaches adjust to their talent. Not the other way around.
  5. HoustonFrog

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    Best coaching when it comes to handling grief.

    Not best coaching when it comes to actually coaching scheme and the game. Still the same offensive issues bailed out by Romo in a last ditch effort. 3rd and 16 down two scores and a draw and a 2 yard slant is all I have to say.
  6. a_minimalist

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    Maybe you should coach the Cowboys since you know so much? Something tells me you actually think you could do a better job.
  7. Flinger

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    So tell us coach?

    If you had a field goal kicker that is 25 of 27, with the only 2 that were missed were greater than 50 yards - what would you do?

    Oh, don't forget to factor in an Oline that are funnier to watch than the Keystone Cops...

    Bad coaching?

    Risen said it best - it isn't the coaching!
  8. Coy

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    I agree with this statement, Tebow in Denver last year was a great example.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    It's amazing how supposed self proclaimed "realists" think Dallas should just march into a 7-5 team's backyard in December and beat them by 3 TDs with Robert Calloway, Ernie Simms, Sterling Moore and Eric Frampton playing on the field simply because they're the Cowboys.

    Talk about drinking the Kool Aid and seeing the talent of the team on the field through silver and blue tinted glasses.
  10. Idgit

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    Surrealists. :)
  11. HoustonFrog

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    No, not at all. But there is nothing wrong with rationally discussing the teams shortcomings and offensive game planning has been an elephant in the room all year. It was when he was O coordinator. We wait until late to open it up. Have the first 3 quarters the last 3 games escaped you or are you too busy here trying to be condescending to people?
  12. InmanRoshi

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    Reading this board is like drinking DMT by the gallon while reading Naked Lunch with Brazil on mute on in the background with Trout Mask Replica playing over it on infinite loop.
  13. CATCH17

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    I said last week I thought they would win. I didn't think we'd smash them but I felt like we would win.

    It's not about that though. It's obvious throughout the game Garrett does a lot of things that make things harder for us to win. He gets bailed out by players making plays.

    I want a coach that puts us in a position to win. I don't want a crappy Oline not ever getting help from a playcaller. I just know there are much better ways to run an offense and manage a game.
  14. Idgit

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    Actual lol. Nicely done!
  15. Idgit

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    Has Garrett gotten bailed out by his players, then, more than Coughlin has this season? Shanahan? Andy Reid? I'll keep asking until someone answers. Because those are some pretty good coaches, with some pretty good rosters, playing similar schedules this season, and only Reid has had to deal with a comparable injury situation. And they're all looking fairly 7-6 ish to me while playing these other good teams. When does the coaching advantage pay off, exactly?
  16. tecolote

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    There are somethings coaches can do regardless of talent and schemes and what not, I'm talking about game managment, knowing when to challenge or when to call a timeout. A good coach knows when to do these things and in today's NFL that can result in a win or a loss, and that means the difference between staying home and going to the playoffs.

    I mean think about it, this year we had two games that came down to exactly that, the Baltimore game and the 2nd Giant game, first not trying to get a closer fg in windy Baltimore and then the 2nd and 1 debacle in the Giants game, if both of these were handled correctly we more than likely would have 2 more wins with a sweep of the Giants. That's the playoffs right there, and the same thing happened last year.

    And it is much harder to upgrade the OL than it is to do the coach.

    Anyway, I hope the Cowboys win out and this is all for not.
  17. Joe Realist

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    agree 100%
  18. Manwiththeplan

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    you sir, get one of these :romothumbsup:
  19. InmanRoshi

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    In their previous 4 games the Bengals defense had held their opponents 13, 10, 6, 13 points. They completely embarrassed Eli. If you thought we were going to just march in Cincy and just easily hang 30 up on them, you haven't been watching many Bengal games. They told Brennamen and Billick they were going to take away Dez and Witten and make the Cowboys beat them another way. That game had all the makings of an ugly AFC North slugfest that would be decided on a critical turnover, and that's exactly what it turned out to be.
  20. cowboys2233

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    Me too -- for me, it's either Garrett stays or we get Sean Payton in here. I like the idea that Garrett is part of the family, but Payton has pretty close ties here too.

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