Peter King: Jason Garrett's best day as a head coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coy, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. arglebargle

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    That's hilarious! Though I would vote for Doc at the Radar Station instead.....
  2. InmanRoshi

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    Cowboys have the 2nd highest 3rd down conversion% and 6th highest 4th down conversion% ... so someone must be dialing up some good playcalls at some critical times, despite Thom Brenneman's amazing and invaluable football observations.
  3. Oh_Canada

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    Big difference between wasting 22 seconds against a defense you were shredding and settling for a 51 yd fg than a much higher percentage 40 yd fg. Especially when you consider the Bengals were meeting the running back in the backfield a majority of the game.
  4. Heisenberg

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  5. a_minimalist

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    I'm too busy trying to be condescending to people like you :D
  6. Dhragon

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    Doubt they will. The Chiefs won the week of their loss but totally bombed this week. Hard not to have a let down after so much emotion the prior week. Same could very well happen to us. I'm hoping for otherwise, but am afraid we could be in big trouble next week.
  7. mldardy

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    Yeah I'm just not in the mood of playing around in that situation. That's what you have kicker for to do HIS job. Otherwise don't have a kicker on your roster. As much as we want to sit here and get upset with Garrett for not running another play to get closer there is no way with THIS team and it's bad luck you risk that. I could just see it now running one more play Romo trips over an offensive lineman's leg and falls and as he's falling the ball comes loose and we recover the ball at about the 40 yard line. Or Doug Free false starts or holds or we get some silly penalty. Garrett would NEVER hear the end of it. Just run the clock down and kick the FG. If he misses it then how close do you need to get to make your FG kicker comfortable to make a FG.
  8. InmanRoshi

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    Not to mention on the road against the NFL's best pass rush defense and the NFL's best interior pass rusher. If Garrett had needlessly tried to shoehorn in an extra pass in that situation and it resulted in a Romo sack and fumble, this place would be flinging poo like the monkey cage at the zoo.
  9. rickjameschinaclub

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    Same excuse for every game... not a one-time deal..
  10. rickjameschinaclub

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    The Giants were playing like utter garbage during that stretch and just had a major storm that totally side-lined their whole city. Eli was out of his house... You also forgot to mention the other teams they beat, like a Kansas City, Oakland and San Diego, who you pointed out beat a 'good' Steelers team to make some sort of point...

    Sorry, don't buy it...
  11. fifaguy

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    Or if the Bengals didn't drop all those passes.
  12. jimnabby

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    I'm sorry, but this is completely ridiculous.

    It was a 42-yard field goal with 50 seconds left. They ran once, after which it was 40. That's somewhere around an 88% proposition league-wide, better than that for Bailey. Bailey has NEVER missed a field goal between 30 and 45 yards.

    Could they have run one more running play on second down? Sure; I would probably argue that they should have. But that's it. There's no way from there that you're throwing the ball. Period. You might add one or two percentage points to the kick, but the risk you run is far far greater, especially given how bad the OL looked. False start, holding, sack, TFL, any of those could kill our chances. This was clearly the right percentage play.

    The FG in the Ravens game was 51 yards. This one was 40. There's no comparison. Oh, and you're way off about the game management in the Ravens game, too. We ran our last play with 26 seconds left and only one TO. You can't take the TO there and risk another play - if it ends up in bounds, there may not be time to spike it or run out the kicking team. You can rush the play there and save the time out, but can you do that and guarantee the play doesn't run out the clock with only 20 seconds left? You may disagree with the decision, but it's not the no-brainer you try to make it out to be.

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