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    Not a whole lot, but good for discussion...

    Fine Fifteen
    10. Dallas (4-3). Very impressed with the defensive effort, holding the Eagles to three points and 278 yards.

    Ten Things I Think I Think
    1. I think this is what I liked about Week 7:
    k. The touchdown-saving deflection by Dallas third-round rookie safety J.J. Wilcox, knocking away a sure touchdown pass from Nick Foles to DeSean Jackson.

    7. I think this is a rules interpretation your father’s general manager never had to worry about: Dreadlock holding. In the Cowboys-Eagles game, many of you wondered about the dreadlock-hold during punt coverage. It is holding if you grab a guy’s hair and restrict him. You are allowed to tackle a runner by the hair, but can’t hold by the hair.

    8. I think we’re going to see a different Thursday night package of TV games by 2015. (Maybe as soon as next year, but likely in ’15.) One highly placed league source told me over the weekend there’s no chance of doubleheaders being played on Thursday nights, though Dallas owner Jerry Jones told Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal there had been discussions of it. I’m told it’s likely the league will split the Thursday night package, leaving a small number of games (five?) on NFL Network and making a lucrative package of the others (eight to 10) on one network or more that would pay dearly for prime-time programming on a big TV night.

    The rest:
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    I didn't see the dreadlock hold... but tackling by them is fine with me. If you want to grow your hair out.. you takes your chances.
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    Aikman was dead wrong - he immediately defended the blatant hair pulling hold on Harris.

    Aikman was wrong about a lot of things yesterday. He was the worst I've ever heard him in overcompensating for being a former Cowboy.

    Then again he overcompensates in other areas too...
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    This is totally wrong IMO. Guys playing in the NFL, in many cases, don't even start feeling like they can go until Thursday. There is no way that a team can be in good condition to play by Thursday, after a Sunday game. You hear all the time that the League wants to protect the players as much as possible but then they turn around and come up with this ******** idea. All this does is allow for a weakened product. It puts the players at greater risk and generally proves that the League is not all that worried about the health of it's players so why all the stupid rules on where you can hit, when you can hit etc?
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    It's ok to tackle. Holding is never ok. I was taken aback by his comment.
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    Exception being the Thanksgiving game, AMIRITE?!
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    I never liked the Thanks Giving game but the Cowboys embraced it so what are you going to do? I think once a year is one thing, between like two teams. I think trying to play 8 or 10 games over an entire season on Thursdays is a clear sign that the league is full of crap on the issue of player safety. JMO
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    Fair enough :eek:
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    No matter what the NFL says- they're about making money, not protecting the players.
    More like protecting themselves from future lawsuits...
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    I would support the Thursday night thing if they could swing it somehow that only teams that are coming off byes can play.
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    People keep saying it was Harris but in fact it was B.W Webb. He has dreads as well
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    1 & 7 are good observations by King that I agree with. Read his MMQB first thing this morning and stopped after he rated, I believe I read correctly, the Boys as the #3 team in the NFC. Was enough sunshine I could take and didn't expect more about the Boys in his piece after that being he seems to avoid covering anything real about them. Almost makes you think he actually watched the game...nah! lol None the less, I do respect his opinions even though I don't think he's terribly fond of the Cowboys.

    But I digress, I was/am impressed with Wilcox's play - he seems to be gaining swagger. Cowboys at 3 in the NFC is saying a lot but think this year's squad can tussle with the best of em WHEN they bring their A-game
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    Yea but if you "hold" a guy by his arm or by any body part its considered "holding". His hair should be no different. I was shocked when I heard Aikman say it wasn't a hold yesterday. I just knew that had to be wrong.

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