Peter King: N.F.L. sources say Ex-Florida State Ponder & TCU QB are Real Hot

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Here’s a snippet of what he said on the radio show:
    “… I think Dalton is going to go higher than people think. In the last two weeks, when I have been calling around, talking to people around the league about the draft, Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder are red hot, and those two guys, I think, are both going to get picked higher than people think, because they are more ready to play.”

    Obviously, I wasn’t listening to the show, so I’m not exactly sure what “more ready to play” means. But if I had to venture to guess, based on a lot of projection material I’ve read and watched, it seems scouts are really encouraged by Ponder’s football knowledge. He seems to really have a good grasp on managing an offense, leading a team and understands the way the pro game is played better than some of his draft hopeful brethren. That, could go a long way for the right-hander from Colleyville, Texas.
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    I was secretly wanting Dalton to slide to us. After watching NFLN this last week, that obviously is wishful thinking now. It appears there is no way he will last until our 40th pick now and that is earlier than I want to take him.
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    You and Garrett. :D
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    The playoff teams late in round one will move down as the lower echelon teams pivot themselves for these guys. It's not out of the question that 6 QB's will go in round one.
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    I say no way in heII do we want Ponder. Seen him many times and I wasn't impressed.
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    Either way, it's a good thing if these QBs get picked ahead of our 9th and 41st pick, because it just keeps pushing prospects to us.
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    I have a feeling Dalton might be the best QB to come out of this draft after Newton...

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