Peter King's Thoughts to Improve the NFL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Gryphon, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Commissioner for a Day
    Peter King,

    This is not as laughable as you might think. The NFL is as close to flawless as any sports league in America -- big surprise there -- but the key word there is "close." I can make it better. I can make it perfect. I can out-Tagliabue Paul Tagliabue. And here goes.

    1. Expand the regular season to 18 games: Cut the preseason to two games, and expand the regular season by two. Now, I understand how football's a war of attrition, and so you'd have to adjust how teams play the game. So expand the rosters to have every one of the 53 players on the active roster active for each game, instead of only 45. This would give the best players, theoretically, the opportunity to play fewer plays and give each player a better chance to last 18 games. Of course, you'd have to pay the players more because they'd be performing for two more games, but that's for another day. I'm only the commissioner for a day, not a mathematician.

    2. Pass a bylaw prohibiting playoff expansion: Twelve teams is enough. It's almost perfect, by the way. Any more, and you risk an 8-8 team in the hockey-like postseason every year. And because some teams that win 10 will occasionally miss the playoffs, the sentiment will be there every year to expand the postseason. So the NFL should act right now and make it next to impossible to ever have a playoff field bigger than 12 teams.

    3. Make long field goals more valuable: Simple: Any field goal 50 yards or further is worth four points. No traditionalist would want it. But no traditionalist wanted the three-point shot in basketball, and look how much fun it is to see Dwyane Wade or Vince Carter go wild from 28 feet. Electric stuff. Imagine the Lincoln Financial Field crowd at a 14-10 game, Philadelphia trailing Dallas, late fourth quarter, Eagles' ball, fourth-and-six at the Cowboy 35. "A-kers! A-kers! A-kers!" the crowd shouts, serenading David Akers as he runs on the field. And now the game's in his hands. Or on his foot. It'd add value to the long field goal, and make more games competitive late.


    4. Take NFL Sunday Ticket off the dish and put it on digital cable: There are too many people -- like me -- who will never get a dish because digital cable is so good. Makes no sense. How many of those people have no intention of going through the gyrations to get a dish just so they can have every NFL game in their house on 17 Sundays? I don't care what the NFL is making off the dish. The league would make more on digital cable -- and what's more, more people would watch more football. My theory, anyway.

    5. Stop the love affair with Los Angeles: Just stop it. I was in L.A. in April and conducted my own unscientific poll at an Irish pub (the L.A. Red Sox bar) in Santa Monica: Do you want an NFL team here? Now, most of the people in there were twentysomethings on their fourth Harp or Red Hook, but I didn't hear one enthusiastic response. And that's half of the demographic the NFL wants. The other half -- the big-moneyed -- will support a franchise. But I don't think the populace will. And the NFL hasn't been hurt by it since the Raiders and Rams left.

    6. Put more mikes on players and officials, and put the game on a seven-second delay: There's still an antiseptic feel to games, and you know what fans want. They want to be closer to the action. The way to do that, simply, is to make the field closer to the living room. By putting the seven-second delay on, you'd have a red button in every control truck to knock out the curse words. The game would be more alive, more organic.

    7. Let players wear the numbers of their choice -- with an asterisk: Allow players to purchase the number they wish for $250,000. One-time fee. That $250,000, which players could write off, would go into a pool to benefit 10 charities to be agreed upon by the players' association and the league. And once a year, the league would cut an equal check to each charity. So imagine a player changes teams, or a draft choice comes on a new team, and he wants to wear an odd number. Reggie Bush with number 5, for instance. Imagine you've got 20 of those guys per year. And new commissioner Roger Goodell appears in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans to hand a check for $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity, which guarantees to build 100 homes in 30 days with the money. Gee, the more I write about this, the more I like it.

    8. Prohibit the moving of the Saints for five years: Make this a "for the good of the game" issue. It's ludicrous to think of kicking a city when it's so down. Now's the time to be a good neighbor and a loyal corporate partner, not greedy.

    9. Put two computer chips in the football, and make the goal line, in essence, capable of sending a signal when the football touches the plane of the goal line: Let's just call this "The Ben Roethlisberger Rule."

    10. Make the Super Bowl the best two out of three: Ha! Made you look. Just kidding. I may be commissioner, but I'm not that stupid.
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    I can just see the Eagles completing a pass to the 30 for a first down and try to go backwards three yards for the field goal try. He's already their biggest scoring option as it is.
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    Four points for long field goals is the worst idea in the history of football.

    Offenses should be rewarded for getting CLOSER to the end zone, not getting stopped farther away. Who wants to watch guys run out of bounds on purpose so they don't gain TOO MANY yards? Who wants to watch a team run backward on purpose, or get penalized on purpose, so they can try a 50-yard field goal instead of a 45-yarder?

    If you want teams trailing by four points to be within a field goal, make chip shots worth four points -- not 50-yarders. That would reward the offense for driving inside the 10 instead of stalling at the 38.
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    the defenders might be standing right in front of that 30 yard line just in case heh. So many things can happen on that one play or few plays with that scenario king gave. I actually like quite a few of his ideas, especially the chip in the football one.
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    I agree with #1 and #5.

    If a team is paying 53 players, they should all be available to play on gameday. I don't buy the competitive advantage gained by some teams if all 53 dress for the game. Better yet, expand the rosters to 55.

    And LA has shown that they could care less it they have a Pro football team or not. They probably wouln't support it. The NFL is doing just fine with out a team in LA. Quit forcing the issue.

    I don't agree with the player numbers at all. It is fine the way it is. Furthermore, $250,000 is a lot of money to pay for a jersey#.
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    No Peter you're wrong.
    You are that stupid.
    Making the field goals worth 4pts is exactly what we do not need.
    The less I have to see of a guy kicking the ball thru the uprights the better.
    The NFL is so popular because it is not soccer.
    It doesn't suprise me Peter King is on the side of cable TV.
    I guess when you are pulling in the kind of jack King is you could care less of the plight of the working man.
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    This was one of the dumbest articles I have read in a while
    I can't believe it made it through
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    Because there's one digital cable provider for the entire US that the NFL can set this deal up with....... And cable is also more widely available than satellite......

    What a well thought out idea. :rolleyes:

    Edit: Would be a great idea to have it available on both satellite and cable, but how many cable companies would the NFL have to deal with to cover the continental US?
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    I don't agree with any of them, except for the Sunday ticket. I wish that was more accessible.

    I also disagree that the league is flawless. I find it getting more and more boring every year, as there are more and more commercials and the games are getting longer and longer.
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    How about we cut the preseason by two games... and that's it? The NFL playing schedule is getting out of hand. The Super Bowl has been pushed into FEBRUARY for pete's sake. There should always be at least one month buffering the end of pro football and the start of March Madness. Two additional preseason games will not improve the quality of teams performing during the first two regular season games anyway.

    Why? So that the NFL will eventually repeal the rule? The league itself wants to expand--not in the postseason, but the number of franchises on a global scale. NFL Europe wasn't created to establish a foreign farm league system. It was founded to spread true professional football outside the U.S. with the hopes of non-American cities supporting NFL-level franchises. If successful, the expansion will not take place in the near future; but when it does, it will mean more teams. And with that expansion will come the need to showcase more than twelve teams in the playoffs. King's rule would have a countdown timer attached to it.

    Sure, Mr. King, morph the NFL Sunday Ticket package from one form of exclusivity into another. Presently, only Directv customers (like myself) enjoy the Ticket. It's unfair to Dish Network and digital cable customers. Heck, even basic cable customers should have the option of adding the Ticket to their service. EVERYBODY would have to pay for it, even if they aren't able to see it in high def--so what's the big deal? I love Directv, but they have made more than enough money monopolizing the Ticket. Time to share.

    Add mikes to the coaches and take them away from the broadcasters. Sounds too good to be true. :rolleyes:

    Great idea that's way pass it's time. Instead of guessing where the ball was at the end of a play, it would already be known. The refs sure could use the help, since they can't even get instant replay right sometimes.
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    Nice theory, bonehead. If they could make more, don't you think the Ticket would already be on digital cable?

    Naw, I guess the NFL just put it on the dish for less money because they like the shape of the round dish.

    Does he think before he writes? Obviously, the league opened it up and sold the rights to the highest bidder.
  13. MarionBarberThe4th

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    This wouldnt make the league better or worse, but I think a safety should be 3 points. Its a rare thing, make it mean more
  14. AdamJT13

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    I don't think the NFL would make more from digital cable than they do from DirecTV, and they'd certainly have a MUCH more difficult time of negotiating with several hundred digital cable providers than they would negotiating with a single company (DirecTV). Look at how difficult it has been for them to get NFL Network carried on more digital cable providers. After almost three years in business, they've negotiated deals with more than 225 cable companies (including 75 they added last month), and there STILL are millions of people whose cable companies don't carry it.

    There's NO WAY the NFL could possibly negotiate deals with all 225 of those cable companies in a single offseason, let alone all of the providers who don't even carry NFL Network yet, while at the same time guaranteeing themselves that they'd get more than the $700 million per year that DirecTV pays (never mind that, if the NFL threatened to take Sunday Ticket to cable when the current contract expires in 2011, DirecTV likely would pay even more than that).
  15. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I know less nothing about the deals. I edited my post. I just agree that digital cable is good, I got Entourage, Sporanos, NFL Network ect. onDemand
  16. Unforgiven

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    You said it all here. Great response.

    As far as the so-called 18 game schedule goes, no way. If would render all the single season NFL records obsolete. It would, in turn, render many of the career records obsolete as well. If the NFL wants to maintain is history and the integrity of it's single season records, this will not happen.

    Besides, I happen to look forward to preseason. Getting to see players who you don't often get to see, like Romo.
  17. bbgun

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    11. Peter King stops writing articles.
  18. tyke1doe

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    I think your opinion was shared by fans and players of the 14-game season era. ;)
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    :laugh2: Maybe your best post ever, bb.
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    Okay I am sure I am not the only one who does this, but when I am watching a game, I turn to the right channel, but put the sound system on the radio so I can listen to Sonny Jurgenson and the Redskin radio guys call the game. Whether its dallas radio guys or washington ones, when your listening to them call the game 7 seconds ahead of what you see it really ruins the experience YOU want. Peter King wants this, make it an optional choice on a radio station, that way there is no delay and only people that understand the risks of strong language will be listening to it, solves the legality problem, and leaves this option open to those that want it, while not ruining it for those that dont want it.

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