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    Camp Mid-Day Report: Saturday
    Chad Peters Staff Writer
    July 31, 2004, 1:03 p.m. (PDT)


    What's the Scoop?

    The Cowboys opened training camp Saturday morning in Oxnard, Calif., to a crowd of several thousand with the smell of football fresh in the air. Training in a much cooler climate than past summers, the Cowboys return to California for the first time since 2001, when they conducted two weeks of training camp in Oxnard. The Cowboys spent 26 years in Thousand Oaks, Calif., just up the Ventura Freeway from here under legendary head coach Tom Landry.

    Quick Shots:

    Dave Volk, who played guard with the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe this off-season, has been temporarily moved to defensive tackle because of depth reasons - too much on the offensive line and not enough on the defensive line after the release of Willie Blade.

    Fresh out of the gates, rookie wide receiver Terrance Cooper had an ominous beginning to his first NFL training camp, dropping the ball in a running, gauntlet drill in the morning. The drill consists of running through a contraption laced with several layers of flexible pads to test their power and balance.

    Following the release of Willie Blade, there was some question as to who would replace last year's starting defensive tackle in the starting lineup. If the first day of practice is any indication, Leonardo Carson seems to be off to a good start, working with the first team in morning drills.

    In running drills, a beefed up Aveion Cason was leveled to the ground by a linebacker. He did show good burst all morning, though.

    Antonio Bryant had a somewhat rough first practice since his controversial encounter with head coach Bill Parcells last month, dropping a pass in one-on-one drills and falling to the ground after cutting in team drills.

    You Should've Seen:
    Second-year cornerback Terence Newman made a spectacular interception in one-on-one drills when covering veteran wide receiver Terry Glenn. After positioning himself to make a play, Newman leaped into the air with outstretched arms to make the interception on a deep lob thrown by rookie quarterback Drew Henson.

    Who's Hot:

    ReShard Lee
    A slimmed down ReShard Lee, who spent the last month of the 2003 season on the practice squad, got off to a blazing start in the first practice of training camp. Lee made several nice runs Saturday morning, including one that drew a pat on the helmet from head coach Bill Parcells. After cutting back inside, Lee found a hole and sprinted toward the secondary.

    Who's Not:

    Gennaro DiNapoli
    Expected to be in the starting mix at center, DiNapoli could be forced to sit out all of training camp after suffering a stress fracture in his right ankle last month. The seven-year veteran hasn't had the best of luck since joining the Cowboys midway through training camp a year ago, as he was placed on injured reserve with a high ankle sprain seven games into the season.

    Injury Update:
    Missed Practice:

    SS Darren Woodson, surgery to repair herniated disk (7-27) - out 6-8 weeks.
    C Gennaro DiNapoli, ankle stress fracture (June) - out one month.
    RB Erik Bickerstaff, surgery to repair torn Achilles - IR.
    Returned to Practice:
    WR Dedric Ward (broken fifth metatarsal in right foot)


    OT Jacob Rogers, signed (7/30)
    WR Brandon Middleton, released (7/30)

    Top BILL-ing:

    "The return of Donald Mitchell certainly helps us because I think he'll be our nickel back. I think he will, if he hasn't lost his stinger. Sometimes you stay in that training room for a year, you lose your stinger. It goes floating away in a whirlpool. But I don't think he probably did." -- Bill Parcells on cornerback Donald Mitchell returning for the first time since being placed on IR last September with a high ankle sprain.

    Hi Mom!!!
    It's been a busy three days out here in California so far, but hey, I can't complain in this great weather. It was an unforgettable experience flying out here with the team on a charter flight from Dallas, certainly never something I imagined myself being able to do. I had rockfish at dinner for the first time last night, something I probably won't be trying again considering how expensive it was.
    Chad Peters
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    That Chad Peters kid is going places :D
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    The kid is living the life, as usual this time of year, I'm jealous!

    great report.
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    Thats what I like to hear.
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    Isn't it, Ken?

    Loved the shout out to his mom. ;)
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    So dale gives out a shout to his mom but forgets all about his Zone Breathren?
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    Must be nice, lucky bum!
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    Nice job, Mr. Peters, try the stuffed shrimp at Rockfish if you get to go back (that's if Mickey's paying ;) )...
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    Really nice article Dale. I hope we get these on a regular basis.
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    Really nice article Dale, keep em coming bro.
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    yeah, stick it to the ole Mickster.
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    I propose that Dale/Chad must somehow work the word "zone" into every one of his training camp articles -- and that the next word cannot be "defense." (However, he could say "the defense played zone," or something like that.)
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    Well Adam has thrown down the we will see if Mr Peters will accept the challenge ;)

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