Peyton Manning is mean...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by thssanders, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. thssanders

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  2. Rustinpeace21

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    hahaha, if there was a peyton manning movie, a young tom hanks would have been perfect, there voices are alot alike
  3. Cochese

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    I cant wait until he destroys every Farve record, except interceptions, Turnover Brett can keep that one.
  4. djtavo

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    His a leader but T.O is a distraction.

  5. Temo

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    That's what I was thinking as well. Though to be fair TO seems to have more of these episodes than any other player. Also, it's more expected of QBs to take charge than other positions.
  6. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I agree
  7. Yeagermeister

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    When TO does it it's him screaming get ME the ball so I can score.
  8. DallasEast

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  9. thssanders

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    Just imagine what he would de if he got the kind of protection romo gets! Peyton probably has the best pass blocking line the league, and hes had it for years. I know he knows when to get rid of the ball, but they are still the best line.

    In yesterdays game the jets got to them early, but they made adjustments. He was hardly touched the rest of the game. And they run a lot of deep routes so its not like he's throwing a bunch of dump offs
  10. WV Cowboy

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    I'm not a big Manning fan, I do like him both as a person and a QB, but not to extremes because he plays for another team, in the AFC no less.

    But I agree with him. If you are a player on the team, don't come off the field saying we should do this or we should do that.

    Don't question that during the game.

    No, you aren't the coach, ... whatever the coaches call, .. execute your job.

    Manning is right here, do what is called.

    He says, "we will, we'll run the ball down there sometimes, but if we call pass, you block."

    LOL, I love stuff like that, .. the NFL is a battle with gladiators, I love it.

    And then you get some creampuffs that jump all stiff-legged when they see something like this, .. like it is happening at quilting class or something.

    Football is awesome.
  11. CowboysFaninBaltimore

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    lol!!! The man a fierce competitor, and probably the best Quarterback of the past 10 years imo. Easily one of my favorites, and I respect him and his team more than his brothers team. He seems classier than the Brady's, and Roethlisbergers, and McFails.
  12. Wonderboyromo

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    Thank God for that smiley. The two are so different it's insane.

    I love watching Peyton play. He's something else.
  13. visionary

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    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Manning attitude: If the team wins, I win

    TO attitude: If 20 balls get thrown to me, the league should automatically give us the 'W'

    i agree with you, i cant tell any difference between the two;)
  14. boyzjunkie

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  15. Shotgun Dave

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    Saturday's not a small guy, but ol' Manning started to talk a little quieter when Big Boy told him to "go sit down". It was funny. he knew he was about to get stomped!
  16. big dog cowboy

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    That is being mean?
  17. juck

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    Best QB ever. E-V-E-R.
  18. aikemirv

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    Thats funny right there. Me and my son were just laughing at him and his facial expressions over on the sidelines. I bet that guy does not have a single friend on that team.

    Unbelievable intense! Great QB but funny nonetheless.
  19. CowboyDan

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  20. TheSport78

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    Roid rage.

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