Peyton Manning = Loser

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Drederick Tatum, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Drederick Tatum

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    I don't really want to be that mean about it, its more about the sports establishment that glows about this guy year in and year out even though he has not won a significant post season game EVER!
  2. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Take a page out of Aikmans book. Aikman had a balanced offense, and not this pass happy exotic offense. He's like the old Dallas Maverick. (the great offense made for regular season)
  3. Cajuncowboy

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    I hate to say it, because I like Peyton Manning as a QB, but I have to agree. If he was in a more baanced attack he would be better. All of this placing the whole ball of wax on his shoulders is crazy. But then again, he is the highest paid QB in the history of the league, I believe.
  4. trickblue

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    I am not a big fan of Manning, Inc., but you can't hang this on Payton Manning...

    This was a VERY poor job of game prep by the Colts... I can't really blame Dungy either... he has other things on his mind...
  5. silver

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    i have to agree. all those changes at the line of scrimage and the play is stuffed. i rather keep it simple than get all sofisticated and have nothing to show for it.
  6. kingwhicker

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    Unfortunately, it appears he saves his worst games for last- and Dungy is a bum for a coach- I know that's not politically correct, but the guy messes the bed in big games.
  7. DefendeR

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    Last year he went to Mexico with his wife and called himself "Javier Lopez".
    This year he's going to Fiji and call himself "George Clooney".
  8. wileedog

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    E. James had 360 attempts for 1500+ yards this year. Hardly an exotic pass happy offense.

    And this was the best defensive the Colts have had in ages.

    He just blew it. Again.
  9. Calicowboy

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    Equating Peyton as being a loser, might be a bit severe. I wouldnt mind having that "loser" as our QB.

    To some degree your right though. He'll have that "cant win the big one" tag, until he does.
  10. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    They run from the shotgun formation way too much. They could have easily played the grind it out game, but they are continiously trying to strike down field. They deserve what they are getting.
  11. Murph80

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    I totally agree about Dungy. I have never cared for him as a HC. He is more of a cordinator type. Class guy just can win the big one.
  12. Drederick Tatum

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    Admittedly my title was for theatre purposes.

    Obviously Peyton is one of the top QB's in the NFL.

    Part of my point is that I get tired of these so called "ANALyst" that fawn all over Peyton Manning without applying a critical analysis to results and ultimate track record.
  13. neosapien23

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    Peyton Manning will be talked about all offseason. He let his time down today and missed alot of open recievers. He needs to take a paycut. His huge salary will be the cause for the Colts losing both James and Wayne. Peyton already proved he couldn't win the game by himself.
  14. Wolverine

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    I would give about anything to have that uhhmmm loser Payton Manning be our QB.

    Like some in this post said. A more balanced offense and Manning would even be better yet.

    He almost pulled a great comeback win IN SPITE of non stop pressure on him. I have nothin but respect for the man.
  15. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

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    I think Choker is a more appropriate word.

    You dont have a season like he has had and make it to the NFL and be a loser.

    Great player but puts too much pressure on himself in big games.

    - Mike G.
  16. Calicowboy

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    True, the only measure that would apply to Peyton now, are Super Bowl rings.
  17. GoCowboysGo

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    I think the Colts are like the _allas Mavericks of the NBA.

    They are a great regular season team, but don't show up for the big games.

    BTW, the Colts O-Line looked horrible, like the Cowboys O-line or Swiss cheese.
  18. braw

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    Payton needs to take a back seat and stop being the OC of the Colts. He needs to play the game and leave the OC to Moore. Jim Kelly comes to mind about a QB who ran his offense. In the playoffs teams just need to be physical.

    I don't know If any one selse saw Bill Cowher's lips on some plays(QB sneak and Bettis on 4 and 1).

    Payton needs to let the game come to him and quit trying to do all himself. Patience was needed by the colts with their running game
  19. 5 Super Bowls

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    To say that Peyton Manning doesn't have a balanced offense is not his fault is laughable. He calls the play at the line of scrimmage. Edgerin James is one of the best backs in the league. Ironically. It seems that teams in the post season would rather face Manning than Edge. They say lets see what you can do Peyton. And 3 out of 9 times he has won. What a winner.

    I am visiting in Memphis today, and it is a real tired story here. They have seen this since his days in Tennessee. BTW nearly all of the people that I talked to either bet or would have bet against Indy winning the SB. He is a loser and I am glad he will never wear the star.
  20. conner01

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    so peyton is a choker that puts him in the league with marino,tarkington and the likes. which i guess would put dilfer in the h.o.f.
    football is a team sport, you need a qb good enough to win but you also have to protect him and play defense to win.

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