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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ragingbull2488, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Does anyone else think that it was kind of a bad move on the Broncos part to sign an aging QB with a major injury to a major deal then ship out Tim Tebow in the process? I am just trying to get peoples opinions on the signing. In my opinion I see him as a major risk that cost way to much and in the end could end up putting your organization in a hole. Yes I realize that Peyton is one of the greatest of all time but at the same time they are taking a major risk due to his age and the gravity of the injury he has sustained. So in saying all that what is the community's opinion on the whole thing?
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    No. One of the greatest QBs of all time replacing a guy that should never be anyones starting QB.
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    time will tell, i just gotta think the Broncos have to have been assured that Manning will make a 100% recovery, and for that matter i dont think Manning would jeopardize his health if he didnt think so either. isnt one of the Manning brothers crippled with a neck or head injury from football?
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    Tebow was a gimmick but not a long term answer and Elway and Fox knew that better than anyone.

    The ignorant fan base sloshed with the Kool-Aid made it very difficult for the FO. The FO wants to pursue championships. Tebow was not a viable option. Manning is. And, Manning made it possible to ship Tebow out w/o much backlash.
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    Understand Denver gave Manning a full physical and he past with flying colors; Manning also told them he still wasn't fully back to where he wanted to be--same physical condition he was in before injury. He held noting back from the Broncos and volunteere everything he knew about his injury, etc.

    Manning's salary was also structured in a way to protect Broncos and himself. Since he already passed Bronco physical, his pay of $18M this season is guaranteed; Manning will be given another tough physical in 2013 and if passed, his 2013 salary will be guaranteed; etc.

    Frankly, I'd love to see Manning win his 2nd SB & he has lot better chance thn he did with the Colts given Colts lack of a good defense; and Colts OL wasn't getting better.

    Why I want Manning to win his 2nd SB:

    1) Have always liked Peyton; he's a great QB with quirky personality; love his commercials.
    2) Hate Eli and he's got 2 SB wins which must really irritate his older brother.
    3) Hate the Patriots, hate the Steelers, hate the Jets, hate the Titans, etc.
    4) Also hate the Giants, hate the Eagles, hate the Packers, hate the 49ers.

    5) did I say that I don't really expect the Cowboys to make it to the SB this year. If they do, then all bets are off and I'm rooting for them and not the Broncos.

    6) did I mention all the NFL teams hate and who I don't want to win a SB?

    Don't really hate the Broncos & really like Peyton. Did I mention I hate Favre?
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    I agree with all of you completely in the fact that I like Peyton and that he is a good guy. The thing I have a concern with is his age and the two neck surgeries he has received. I understand that the Broncos evaluated him in every way possible and did their due diligence in regards to the injury and his throwing ability, but there is till a possibility with an injury like that to flare back up and leave the team helpless at the position. On the Tebow thing I agree he is not the long term answer but I do not believe that they made the right decision in trading him. He is a viable back up that can come in and start without any problems at all. They left themselves with no outs in regards to a back up unless they go out and draft a Kirk Cousins or something like that which in my opinion would be a very smart move in letting that player sit behind a guy like Manning and learn for a few years or so. Just when it all comes down to it for me it just seems like it is one hell of a gamble and could end up in a disaster situation for the team in the long run.

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