PFF 2012 Year End Rankings: Cowboys Defensive Backs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Once again here are the premium stats...


    Run Stop %
    Claiborne - 75/94
    Carr - 84/94

    Tackling Efficiency
    Claiborne - 60/114
    Carr - 87/114
    Scandrick - 88/114
    Jenkins - 113/114

    Jenkins - 9/116
    Carr - 46/116
    Scandrick - 50/116
    Claiborne - 66/116

    Slot Coverage
    Jenkins - 15/40
    Scandrick - 32/40

    Pass Rush


    Run Stop %
    McCray - 32/78
    Sensabaugh - 74/78

    Tackling Efficiency
    Sensabaugh - 68/87
    McCray - 73/87

    Sensabaugh - 28/91
    McCray - 90/91

    Pass Rush
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    It helps to understand why Carr and Claiborne were ranked overall in the bottom half of the league despite the fact it <seemed> like they were holding up ok in the passing game -- they both ranked terribly in "Run Stop" and Carr is ranked extremely badly is "Tacking Efficiency" as well.

    All in all - I'd rather them have poor tacking abilities than coverage abilities.. although obviously utopia is they are equally good at both.
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    These are from FootballOutsiders, in terms of DVOA

    VS #1 WR - 7.5 Pa/G, 68.1 Yd/G 12/32

    VS #2 WR - 6.6 Pa/G, 51.5 Yd/G 29/32

    VS Other WR - 4.8 Pa/G, 38.7 Yd/G 28/32

    VS TE - 7.3 Pa/G, 49 Yd/G 32/32

    VS RB - 5.2 Pa/G, 33.7 Yd/G 18/32
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    Thanks PK, doe you have any breakouts of the grading components? Fuzzy's point regarding zone coverage is a good one, but it would still be interesting to see the individual metrics.
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    Someone graded out worse than McCray? :D
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    56/113 - Orlando Scandrick - 0.3
    57/113 - Brandon Carr - 0.1
    82/113 - Morris Claiborne - -4.5
    90/113 - Mike Jenkins - -7.0


    73/88 - Gerald Sensabaugh - -4.7
    77/88 - Danny McCray - -5.9
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    Craig Dahl
    Chris Prosinski
    Atari Bigby
    Kendrick Lewis
    Charles Godfrey
    Mistral Raymond
    Nate Allen
    Kurt Coleman
    Michael Griffin
    Roman Harper
    Malcolm Jenkins
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    For anyone that watched the games this isn't all that complicated.

    Dallas was torched in the flats and underneath ALL year.

    Mo struggled with slants, Carr struggled with elite speed.
    Sensy struggled to make any plays but was often playign 20 yards off the ball as a last line of defense.
    Scandrick was terrible outside when tried there but solid in the slot.
    Jenkins was solid but not spectacular. Could use him back but can't afford him.

    Connor, McCray and the other 5 Safeties we tried to play were fairly terrible.

    I'd love to replace Sensy but only the blind could watch McCray and Sensy play this year and say they are rated similarly. McCray was absolutely terrible in coverage. That's why street free agents were playing over him so often in coverage situations.

    Going into 2013 we expect Carr and Mo to form a very solid 1/2. Mo is young and rookies who can survive on the edge are rare. Mo wasn't great but he did survive. He wasn't out-athleted or abused. He simply wasn't quite good enough to make plays. Carr struggled a bit but by the end of the year he was shutting guys down. He gives you a strong CB to lean on that can stop the run and play the pass. Hopefully OS is back and ready in the slot.

    But Safety has to be better. FAR better. Not sure if that is Barry Church, Matt Johnson, both. A rookie. No idea but the team knows it can NOT start McCray at safety next year. McCray is a special teamer and nickel LB.
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    the largest issue with the PFF ratings are the compiled scores and rankings

    they are giving equal weights to things that do not deserve equal weight IMO.

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