PFF: Race for Rookie of the Year, Week 5 (Frederick #6)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Phoenix, Oct 8, 2013.

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    6. Travis Frederick, C, Cowboys: +3.5

    Initially I worried about Frederick, who was poor in preseason and started the season slowly. Now, however, he’s our top ranked run blocking center and it’s only his constant problems in pass protection that are holding him back. They’re not big enough to keep him out of the Top 10 but something to monitor.
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    don't know who said he was poor in preseason or early on but they are as usual wrong
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    Later in the article...

    Five to Watch

    J.J Wilcox, S, Cowboys: Came out of a tough task against the Broncos without his reputation shredded. A lot of more experienced defensive backs would take that.
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    Larry Warford is the 2nd-highest rated RG in the NFL. Lots of people here were clamoring for him. I know the whole "we're just armchair scouts; let the real scouts do their job" philosophy here, but it's funny how the guys we clamor for consistently rate out very well in the NFL. Lots of us also liked Sheldon Richardson and Kawan Short and they're both playing like future Pro Bowlers. Even a lot of people liked the Honey Badger. Obviously us fans kinda know what we're talking about when the guys we want go on to become stars for other teams year after year. That being said, I'm still impressed with some of the moves we made. Nobody was talking about Frederick, T. Williams or Wilcox, and now those guys are starters and playing well. But for every JJ Wilcox and Terrance Williams there's a Matt Johnson and Kevin Ogletree.
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    Larry Warford?

    That name sounds familiar.
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    The Confirmation Bias is strong in this one. For every player a group of fans drool over on here who turns out, there's just as many if not more who don't turn out. For every Honey Badger there's a Mike Williams. It's just easier to remember those who turn out than it is the guys who bust. BTW Kevin Ogletree was an UDFA who contributed, that's not a miss.

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