PFF: Top 10 Edge Rushes Over Past 5 yrs (Ware #2)

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    Five Years of PFF Grades: Top 10 Edge Rushers

    Khaled Elsayed | June 17, 2013
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    It’s been five seasons since PFF opened its doors and tackled the subject of performance-based evaluation in the NFL.

    We’ve seen many breathtaking performances, whether it be over a year or in an individual game, but we’ve never really looked back on things in a longer sense. So consider that something we’re rectifying. We’ve added up the grades each player has earned over the past five seasons and then normalized their performance on every snap based on the position they lined up.

    It was a more complicated process than that, but you didn’t come here to hear me yap about that. You came to see the Top 10 graded edge rushers of the PFF era.

    2. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys (+154.8)
    It’s a given that regardless of how the Cowboys play, DeMarcus Ware is going to wreak havoc. Featuring in the Top 10 for both his pass rushing and run defense (as you can see below), it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that Ware has picked up an astonishing 337 combined sacks, hits, and hurries over the past five years.

    He’s no friend of quarterbacks, that’s for sure.

    In the end, the rating above shows there was very little difference between Ware and Harrison, with Ware losing out because of his tendency to draw those dreaded yellow flags (36 of them). Still, given what he’s produced on the field you can live with that, as the 11th overall pick of the 2005 draft has become a truly dominant player.
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    How is this even possible considering the the low sack totals harrison has had the last 2 years 9 and 6 respectively.
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    If it was Jarred Allen at #1 i could kinda see it but Ware is not 2nd to Harrison even the season where Harrison won DPY Ware was better
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    Steelers = better....duh!
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    another example of PFF garbage.

    And as regards those penalties PFF love so much why don't they ask this question:

    Why does Demarcus Ware get fewer holding penalties on the guy blocking him then any other top Pass rusher?

    But then that would require those numbies to actually think
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    That's not really true. 2008 Harrison was one of the best seasons by an OLB ever. Ware had a phenomenal 2008, but as the article mentioned Harrison 'does it all'. Well... at least he did.
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    The real crime is that they don't seem to follow their own formulas for this one.

    If you read the article it mentions... "Signature Stats you’ll see that among 3-4 outside linebackers Harrison finished first in 2008, third in 2009, fifth in 2010 and third again in 2011, before his play dropped off in 2012."

    They don't mention that "dropped off" means finishing 14th of 20 qualifiers last year.

    To put it in perspective by their own rankings DeMarcus Ware finished ahead of him 3 times in the last 5 years in Pass Rush efficiency. (from 2008, Ware finished 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 4th in ***). And, outside of 2008, Ware finished with more pressures each year and had exactly 100 more over the 5 year span.

    That's not even touching the 77.5 sacks to 51.5 sacks aspect.

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