PFStink Rumor Mill: Lions and Bucs trade?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by superpunk, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. superpunk

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    Our friends at WDAE in Tampa have tipped us off to a rumor that we're in the process of confirming that the Lions have traded the No. 2 overall pick in the 2007 draft to the Buccaneers for the No. 4 overall pick and defensive end Simeon Rice.
    A league source tells us that, while there is not a done deal, the talks are occurring regarding a flip-flop of No. 2 and No. 4. It's not presently clear whether Rice is part of the deal.
    The Bucs presumably want to get in position to take receiver Calvin Johnson with the No. 2 selection, if the Raiders don't take Johnson with the No. 1.
    The real intrigue on this one arises if the Raiders take Johnson. Would the Bucs then pick quarterback JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn? Or would they take left tackle Joe Thomas?
    Recently, the Bucs conducted on-campus workouts with Johnson, Russell, and Quinn. They didn't include Thomas in the tour, and we've seen some evidence in the Tampa press of possible efforts by the team to bad-mouth Thomas, possibly in the hopes that he'll be available at No. 4.
    It could be that the Lions are willing to make the deal to go down to No. 4 because they think they could still get Thomas at that spot. But if Johnson is the No. 1 pick, Thomas might be long gone by the time the Lions use the pick currently held by Tampa.
    We're keeping a close eye on this one. Check back for more details.
  2. Avery

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    Interesting, but is Simeon Rice really worth that much or is it more that the Lions don't want to pay #2 money for Adams?

    Me thinks the latter.
  3. superpunk

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    Either that, or it's some ill-concieved win now scheme by the Lions. It works, in that they need a defensive end, and Simeon's a defensive end, and they only move down 2 spots, but that 2 spot difference could be a huge gap in talent.
  4. jazzcat22

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    Does anyone really care? :lmao2:
  5. superpunk

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    prolly not.

  6. DLCassidy

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    Even the Lions can't be that dumb.
  7. Hostile

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    Where is Pittman4two when we need him?

  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Rumors make it all very interesting!
  9. Q_the_man

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    That would be a great deal for the Lions, because they are not drafting CJ at #2 so why not trade down and get Rice and the player they want....even though i would ask TB for a 2nd rounder instead...
  10. theogt

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    12,587 of these. That's amazing.
  11. FLcowboy

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    I've noticed that too.
  12. DLCassidy

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    If Rice was a throw in fine but they'd need to get at least 2 picks for that to make sense. Rice may be cut anyway and he's got a big contract.
  13. Chuck 54

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    I can see it happening or at least being discussed. Anyone, even Thomas, before Johnson is bad value.

    Johnson is the concensus top player in the draft and the LEAST likely to bust...almost everyone says he'll be successful. Only a QB should be selected ahead of him, so if Detroit doesn't want to draft a QB and has their sights on Thomas, then it makes sense to move down, get their guy and spend less. If you look at the history of the draft, choosing an OT at #2 is foolish...even those who make it never live up to the #2 overall pick...never, and that's huge money.

    I actually thought it would be Atlanta that would make them an offer they couldn't refuse to give Vick a target that can actually catch the ball. It would take much more for Atl to move up because Detroit would definitely be out of the Thomas sweepstakes...however, they might then find themselves in Brady Quinn position or a defender, like Landry.

    Maybe this is real, or maybe it's a smokescreen to try and elicit an offer from Atlanta.

    Whatever, I don't expect Detroit to hold onto that draft pick, though if they had any guts, they'd stay right there and select Johnson and ignore those who'd make fun of them...the jokes about them taking another WR would have much more to do with their past selections than for this one, which would actually be one of the best in the draft.

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