News: PFT Alper: The Jason Garrett legend grows with second win

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    Posted by Josh Alper on November 21, 2010, 5:06 PM EST

    Jason Garrett’s first win as a head coach was greeted with copious amounts of praise from all corners for the way he changed the culture around the Cowboys.

    It’s the first home win of the season for the Cowboys and the second big argument Garrett has made for keeping his job on a permanent basis.

    The play that probably best exemplifies how different the Cowboys have looked over the last two weeks was probably Bryan McCann‘s 97-yard punt return for a touchdown after a Lions player knocked the ball back into the field of play was the kind of heads-up, effort play that was totally absent before Wade Phillips got fired.

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    Attention to details will take teams over the hump in close games... I really like Garrett's preparation.

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