PFT Bunting Breaking down the 2012 CB class

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, May 20, 2011.

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    An early look at some of the top cornerback prospects for the 2012 NFL draft.


    Chase Minnifield: Virginia (6-0, 185)
    Minnifield needs to continue to add some weight to his frame and get a bit stronger. However, he’s fluid/polished in his drop, clean when asked to turn and run, and knows how to play the football. If he can get a bit more physical off the line this year, he has the makings of a legit first-round prospect.

    Alfonzo Dennard: Nebraska (5-10, 195)
    You want to know why Big 12 offenses were so willing to throw at Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara this past year? Because Dennard was playing opposite him. Watching Dennard on tape it’s obvious how physical this guy is in press coverage. He gets a bit overextend at times and will lose his balance, but he can turn and run, and has the makings of playing both inside and out at the next level.

    Janoris Jenkins: North Alabama (5-11, 186)
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    we wont need a CB after we sign Nmandi ;)

    looks pretty weak right now but it so early. jenkins is going to have the character tag all through the process and IMO i dont think harris is that big , He looks smaller than D-jax the ducks sight has him listed as 5'11 165 but 3 inches of that has to be that gazoo helmet .
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    2012 looks like a good draft year for Cornerbacks.

    At least 5 players appear to be better than Prince Amukamara.
    Chase Minnifield: Virginia (6-0, 185)
    Alfonzo Dennard: Nebraska (5-10, 195)
    Janoris Jenkins: North Alabama (5-11, 186)
    Cliff Harris: Oregon (5-11, 180)
    Dre Kirkpatrick: Alabama (6-2, 192)

    NFL Draft Scout lists Harris as 5-10-1/2, 180.
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    Charles Brown UNC would have been a 2nd round pick this season

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